hair loss and thinning

on 1/2/12 5:37 am
i want to knopw what did you  do to get you hair back on point
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on 1/2/12 7:23 am
Sorry to say almost 6 years later mine is very very thin sorry I wear a weave took vitamins tried shampoo nothing worked but it varies I know some people who had no problem so good luck :)
on 1/2/12 8:03 am, edited 1/2/12 8:03 am
Sorry to tell you also but like Lynn above who had surgery on the same day as myself, my hair is super duper thin, so thin in fact that I have to stragetically place it to cover the bald spots.  I have very long, but very thin hair. 
Salty Pickle a.k.a.  Lee
on 1/3/12 12:49 am
DS on 09/15/09 with

my hair grew back but longer and thin! i stick to weaves, hair pieces and on rare occasions a pony tail! i also take biotin and selenium, make sure you are taking your vits and protein levels are on point...

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on 1/3/12 5:53 am - Fair Play, CA
Not much hair, wear a bald fade but cover it up most days with the wig of my choice. I have accepted the loss. Many positives CPAP or Glucophage among other things. Chin up!
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on 1/9/12 12:33 am
Biotin with 100g minimum protein daily worked for me.  Biotin is water soluable so you can't od on it and the protein benefits you all around.  

I megadosed on the biotin 5000's with three tabs daily.  It stopped the thining and my hair grew back filled out.  I had no breakage so I can't speak for damaged hair but it did the job for fall out from the scalp. 

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