on 10/2/13 12:06 pm - NY

I had surgery on September 25th and have absolutely NO REGRETS! Im still on liquids, but anxious to have oatmeal tomorrow lol. Im not hungry...but head hunger is a b*tch!!!

on 10/3/13 2:15 am

Congrats Tiffany on your successful procedure.  You're on your way to better health!  I remember the head hunger oh too well.  At four plus years out, I still deal with it at times.  The trick to being successful over it is a regular and continuous schedule of eating and drinking, and the ability to recognize when you really may be hungry.  Which is very rare.  I still stick with the portions and regiment of my eating today from where I was at six months out.  I usually keep it at 1/2 to 3/4 of a cup of food.  Starting at 30 minutes after I wake, and eating small portions about every 2-1/2 to 3 hours.  It doesn't take much, but when I hit that 3 hour mark, I have to get something in me!  Between eating about 5 meals at this rate and drinking protein, there's no time for hunger.  I'm glad that I've not given into going back to larger portions too.  It really has helped me stay with my program and keep the weight off.

Get your water, vits and protein in on the regular.  If you can't do anything else but walk, please do and increase your distance everyday or so.  It will make all the difference in aiding the weight to come off and stay off!

Keep it moving!!



on 10/8/13 5:59 am
VSG on 10/14/13 with

If you don't mine me asking how is your recovery and everything going so far? I hope all is well and I wish you continued success.

    28 YO 5'11 HW:315 GW:185 SW:293




on 10/8/13 7:37 am - NY

Jenamir I feel amazing! Honestly I dont feel like I had surgery. I had very little pain since the beginning and I am two weeks out there is NO PAIN. I was able to drink regular since about the third day. I dont feel hunger....a lot of it is in my head. (head hunger) lol aka me just being greedy. I actually feel like I am able to eat too much. I will ask my doctor when I go back to him but again, I have NO REGRETS.

on 10/13/13 6:47 am, edited 10/13/13 6:47 am - New York , NY

Glad it's working out for you. The sleeve is a wonderful tool. Welcome to the losers bench.




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