Lost and Afraid

on 8/9/16 11:49 pm

Hi I am new here. I am over 6ft tall and 445lbs. I used to be heavier and started fasting and drinking more water. But now my doctor wants me to consider surgery. And I would be ok with that if general anesthesia wasn't the only option being offered. I know the risk of staying at this weight is dangerous. I have both Medicaid and Medicare and I need some real support and guidance on where or who to talk to about non surgical options or a doctor on Georgia that uses regional anesthesia. I feel lost and alone.

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on 8/19/16 4:59 pm

You probably should focus more or whether or not sure is the right option for you, and less on how the procedure is performed. Some things are better left up to the doctor.

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on 8/19/16 5:00 pm

Surgery (spellcheck changed it to sure)

on 8/19/16 5:25 pm - SURPRISE, az

you will be just fine keep praying it's all going to work out.

on 8/29/16 8:11 pm

You are definitely not alone.  I was afraid only because I had never had any kind of surgery before (not even a c-section).  General anesthesia isn't bad.  The procedure is done with lasers so you aren't opened up (very few are open surgeries and you are completely out if you have to have it done)  Truthfully, your nonsurgical options are diets, diet programs and the such.  If your doctor is recommending surgery, then he must believe that it is your best option. Getting WLS is a very complicated process to get approval for and not easily done.  There are alot of requirements and hurdles to get through just to get approved for WLS.  Talk to your doctor or research the different procedures and figure out which will work for you.  My doctors tried for 3 years to get me to have surgery but I always refused.  When I finally decided that I needed the help, surgery was still their recommendation.  So I went online and read every article, watched every video and weighed my options before finally choosing the Sleeve.  WLS is just a tool, we still have to do alot of work and discipline.  I am 5'6" and started at 427 lbs.  Had the Sleeve on 4/2/15. I have lost 187 lbs so far through better food choices, exercise, water & vitamins.  Focus on the whole picture - being healthy and living a better, happier life;  not just a small part (that's over in a few hours)

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