looking for more support

on 10/3/16 1:59 am - mississauga, Canada

Hi there.



We'll my surgery is around the corner and I'm just looking for more support.


I have surgery in Toronto Canada at Toronto Western Hospital.


I'm very excited but have questions about stuff to have going into surgery. I know a lot if places are a bit different in terms of which procedure your doing and in what part of the world your in. I don't know if I'm getting a sleeve or a Rny they left it open. I want a Rny tho.



So excited just wanted to see if theses any great advice I could be given.




on 10/3/16 10:06 pm
VSG on 12/29/15 with

Hi and welcome! My best advice to you would be to stick with the plan your surgeon gives you no matter what. Your body is going to go through a lot of changes and so will the weight on the scale but don't get discouraged, the weight will come off! Make sure to eat your protein, drink water and take your vitamins, this is very important! I am sure you will be successful, wish you the best!



on 10/4/16 4:52 pm

Congrats, on your upcoming surgery. Keep me posted...I looking to have mines around the beginning of the year. I'm on my fourth month of supervised pcp diet/visit.

on 10/12/16 12:24 pm - NJ
VSG on 01/14/14 with

I'm on FB page called "Black Girls Get Sleeved Too!"  It's a great page with lots of conversation and all types of topics.  Search it and ask to be added.

     VSG on 1/14/14 with Dr. Samuel Wasser


on 12/3/16 3:54 pm - AZ
RNY on 10/26/16

It's the best decision, I did a blog on my experience if you want to read it.  Be well!

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