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on 10/17/16 6:11 pm - Brooklyn, NY

Hello Everyone -

So I was banded in June of 2007....almost 10 years later I weigh almost twice as much as I did when I had the lap band.  It wasn't an effective tool.  After some soul searching & a life coach, I decided it would be best to pursue gastric bypass surgery.  I was set to go & getting appointments out the way.  However, I was out of work and on Medicaid.  I started a job almost a year ago and unfortunately, they do not offer WLS under their health insurance.  I've been still going to my appointments with the faith that next year I will have a new employer that will offer WLS as an option.  

I'm reaching out to you all because I don't want to apply to companies that don't offer it under their health insurance plans.  I would appreciate if someone would respond by stating which employers you know FOR SURE, that offer WLS under their health coverage options.  


Thank you so much....

on 11/30/17 5:50 am - VA

Good to see a familiar face I too had lap band surgery in 06/2008 and I have gained all my weight back and more as well I am in the process now of converting to the sleeve. I hate I failed and I also hate that I did not do this at first. I work at Social Services and I know they offer it on there insurance plan I am in VA as well about a hour form Richmond.

CW 319/ I can do this.....22lbs till goal ( I WILL NOT SABOTAGE MYSELF).....

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