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on 11/30/16 8:50 am

Hello all, I new to this site. I had VSG in 2013 but lately it seems like I cant lose a pound under my lowest weigh in. Lately I've noticed that I'm hungry more often. Even though I cant eat as much as I was able to pre-op, Its like that old appetite has come back. I'm not sure if its head hunger or what... Just looking for similar stories and solutions. 

on 12/10/16 4:05 am
VSG on 12/29/15 with

Hi and welcome to the site. You should repost this on the VSG forum because not many people use this forum. Unfortunately appetites can come back, it may just be head hunger or acid reflux. Try drinking a glass of water when you first feel hunger, you might just be dehydrated and not really hungry at all. Also try taking an antacid, if you not longer hungry after taking that, then it may be acid reflux. Wish you the best!



on 12/21/16 9:22 am
VSG on 12/07/16

Hi, my name is Dawn I am new to this site as well. I just recently had surgery December 6 of this year and it seems like the weight loss is slow and my appetite is the same.

on 1/9/17 7:07 pm - Somewhere in time, SC



I caught a case of head hunger bad and gained 35 lbs.  I haven't been able to take it off, but I have been at the same weight for at least 6 years.

Keep on climbing, Till I reach the higher ground

Heather S.
on 1/24/17 11:48 am

What is head hunger?  Is it a short term thing with long term consequences or the reverse.  How do you know when it ends or if it may repeat?  Can you prevent it before it begins.  

Thank You,

on 2/13/17 11:12 am
RNY on 01/26/17
I am a new member here. I had RNY on 1/26/17. I have read on this board the importance of treating your reflux and how it can make you believe you are hungry. I will do more research on it.




* New member and I'm happy to be here- RNY 1/26/117

on 3/11/17 3:24 pm
Revision on 03/29/17

I too had VSG 3/30/15 and developed a hiatal hernia and bile reflux. I have also gained 30 pounds in 7 months.

I am having revision surgery on 3/29/17 to RNY and hernia repair.

Right now, I only feel full when eating meat. This lasts for approximately 30-45 minutes. Then, I am hungry again. I feel my stomach is a bottomless pit..it's never satisfied, let alone full.

What may help is to eat frequent smaller meals (6 times daily vs. 3 daily).

Keep us posted with your progress and what is working for you.

on 6/27/17 4:13 pm, edited 6/27/17 9:15 am - Charlotte, NC

Hi Brute, have any of your doctors checked for vitamin /mineral deficiencies as well as thyroid antibodies? Now I admit to not knowing much about vsg since I had rny in '05, but I do know that I came back deficient in vit D, B12, folic acid and some other things, which I have to take otc supplements for, and as well I had to start taking methylcobalamin shots (b12). You might want to have some blood work done and see of anything is out of wack. And over time I suggest you continue to get them done and compare new levels to old levels as time goes on. Dr's will just look at ranges and tell you everything is OK. You need to look at your own results and see what your body is doing over the years. Most times for wls patients, a deficiency is telling you your body needs food

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