Are there any old timers still in the forum?

on 1/9/17 7:10 pm - Somewhere in time, SC

I miss the support and fun we used to have in the early 2000's.  My surgerversary was 12/23/04.  Any old school folks still online?

Keep on climbing, Till I reach the higher ground

Heather S.
on 1/24/17 11:43 am

I am still here from back in the day.  I view the message boards infrequently as I have found certain aspects of the site to have changed and are not quite as user friendly.

Thank You,

on 5/24/17 11:44 pm - Somewhere in time, SC

Me either. It used to be fun. Please email me at [email protected], if you know of another site.

Keep on climbing, Till I reach the higher ground


on 1/28/17 7:42 pm - Youngstown, OH

Hi, I'm only now just making some headway and have finally been able to sit down w/ a bariatric surgeon here in Youngstown, OH, and I've been w/ since 2002!  I usually post on the General Discussion board.


Also many people, w/ video cams/ webcams, are doing Vlogs of their weight loss journey on YouTube and/ or posting on Bypass and VSG groups on FB and other social networks.


But will always be the place I first interacted w/ & saw b4 & after pics of people that looked like me all aspiring for the same thing(s); sorta similar goals.  To be slimmer, healthier, more ambulatory and active and to LIVE-- not just exist.




on 3/15/17 9:11 am

I'm here had surgery in 2004 gained a lot of weight, need tips to get back on track.

ThirdTry R.
on 3/31/17 5:26 am - Rowlett, TX

This is my 3rd go at it. I HAVE to be successful this time. No choice. Please help me. Let's develop a support system.

Kathy S.
on 11/6/17 1:37 pm - InTheBurbs, XX
RNY on 08/29/04 with

Hi ThirdTry,

Try to focus on the basics it really helps. Here is a list I created maybe it will help

I maintained 118-125 for over 10 years after losing 200 pounds. Due to a personal tragedy I gained and hit the 190 mark a year ago. After several starts it finally clicked and I am back to goal losing 60 pounds of regain. Here are some steps that helped me and I hope they will help you too! You may have several starts and stops but don't give up, don't beat yourself up. IT WILL CLICK!!! Our tool works if we work the tool and get back to the basics we stopped doing.


Remember when we were preparing for surgery? How many meetings, classes and such did we attend? We were told the more prepared we were the better our chances were for success. And they were right. Go through the house, car and work place and get rid of trigger foods. Stock up on foods that will keep you on track. I removed every bad carb/sugar temptation and replaced it with lots of protein, veggies, grains and fruits.


Get back to journaling. This will help you identify when you feel like eating, stress factors and any triggers in your life. Once you identify these factors, this will help you put tools in place to keep you from eating. It became clear I was not taking time for me anymore. I worked my day job and then spent the rest of my time caring for my husband. It was easy to reach for fast, prepackaged food. Since I purged my home I have to eat clean as there are no other options LOL

Use a tool to track you're eating and exercise like Getting Started with Health Tracker. Once I started to track ever bite and drink it became clear why I had gained.


Make a list of goals for yourself. Make them realistic and small. Some of mine were move more, purge all junk from my home, eat more protein.


In general, a long term post-weight loss surgery eating plan includes foods that are high in protein, and low in fat?, calories, and sugar. Important, vitamins and minerals are provided as supplements. (if you had a different surgery adjust this to your food plan).


Water is our Best Friend. I have to say I never went back to pop or any bad drinks, however I was drinking tea like crazy. What is wrong with drinking tea? I was either using sugar or 3 equals and 3 sweet n lows per 32 ounce glass. So I was either pushing to be diabetic or get cancer. I found once I started carrying a bottle of water around 24/7 (yes had one at my bedside) I lost the cravings for the sugar and I KNOW those artificial sweeteners are not good for me. Look I am old and if you add up all the artificial sweeteners I have consumed I am sure I am at the rat in the lab getting cancer threshold.


I can't say enough about how key this was for me. The reason I kept my weight off for almost 10 years was no matter what, I kept moving. If I could not go to the gym I would walk. I loved Zumba, bootcamp workouts, lifting weights. When I stopped, the weight started coming back. So for me I am starting slow to avoid injury by walking and using some of the workouts on my Demand TV. Find something you love to do and it won't feel like a pain in the *** to do daily.


If it's an option "run" don't walk to a support group.

Keep me posted on how you are doing.

HW:330 - GW:150 - MW:118-125

RW:190 - CW:130

Tee O.
on 10/21/17 3:00 pm - altadena, CA

Happy to help if I can. I had surgery in 2004 also - lost 180 since then - I have never gained any of it back. I'm 56, live in California, have a husband and 22 yr old daughter and you can talk to me outside of the board if that's more desirable to you :-)

on 11/6/17 5:06 am

Super impressive! You look amazing. What do you think has made you so successful ? Also if you don't mind me asking, what's your workout regimen?

Tee O.
on 11/6/17 3:14 pm - altadena, CA

A couple of things. I DECIDED. There was no plan B. I burned the boats and said I'm truly going to give this all I have and that meant I did the mental work too - everything. Mind, body and spirit. I changed my thinking, not just my body. I think for most of us, a lot of our weight began with emotional eating (maybe it still IS). I went to a therapist and worked on my past. I made peace with things that I couldn't change. I found other behaviors that were unhealthy that I also addressed. Weight is just the one that is the most visible, in most cases. So that I think made the difference. I took the process seriously because it was such a big step and was going to be a permanent CHANGE to my body's insides. I followed the eating plan meticulously in the beginning. To the LETTER! Now I kind of know what works for me and so that's what I do. Protein is still a daily priority in my eating and I take plenty of supplements too to ensure I get all the nutrients I need even though I eat like a bird.
There were two people in my life that had the surgery and I was really inspired by them.... sadly both have gained weight back. One, MORE, the other a good chunk, but it's due to other health issues. And that was my other motivations. I did not have any health issues besides being overweight. I faced the grim truth that would probably not remain the case for too much longer given the way I was going. I was a single mom and wanted to be there for my child till I was an old woman, if I could help it - she only had ME, so I needed to be my best me. My workout fit in with that part of it. I had a pretty good idea that my skin was not going to pop back - my mother wasn't obese, but her stomach, after two children was REALLY REALLY bad. After my daughter, so was mine. I literally had horizontal and VERTICAL stretch marks... all the way up to under my bust! Very thin and fairly dry skin. I greased up like a holiday turkey during my pregnancy hoping to NOT get them, but to no avail. So since I was fairly resigned that my skin was going to be pretty bad, I decided to get my body as good as I could through exercise. I engaged a personal trainer and went to the gym 5 days a week, seeing him 3 of those days. It wasn't easy but it was easier with a trainer. Having that accountability partner made the difference. I did that all the way down. Now, as I mentioned in my profile, I need more consistency. I have back problems with sciatica (great! always something lol) and so sometimes, the last thing in the world i want to do is exercise - my body HURTS! But I try to do something. I wear a fitbit and 10K steps is my minimum goal. When i'm out and doing as I should be, I easily get over 20K. I move around a lot just in my ordinary life. I hope that helps a little bit.
I am still figuring out what workout is my best plan because I just don't like the gym that much. I do love yoga though, and I love zumba and other dance. I think the main key is finding something that you enjoy doing and doing it consistently.
Many of us women do not make ourselves a priority - we must. I always think about what they tell you in the airplane. Put on your air mask, then your child's. You can't take care of someone else, if you aren't taking care of yourself. That stuck with me. Am I perfect - heck no, but my goal is to continuously make progress towards my goals. and if i have a bad day, I'm allowed to begin again the next day with a clean slate - there's no beating up allowed. Just start again.

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