Missed my actual surgiversary day

Lia D
on 1/25/17 9:51 am, edited 1/25/17 10:14 am - Waldorf, MD

Hello All:

I can't believe another year has come and gone and I'm still working on getting to my weight loss goal of 138lbs.  Once I hit that it will be a 204lb loss since my RNY.  Sometimes I want to give up, I do that allot which is why I haven't met my goal yet, but then I realize that if I give up I'm gonna be back at 342 where I started or higher.  That gets me back on track for awhile.  So, I am yo yo dieting and exercising and it has gotten me to my current weight of 173.6 lbs.   

I took phen-phen over the holiday it worked the first day but not the second so I don't want to get back on those.  I tried the back-on-track system but I had headaches everyday.  I'm always trying to find something that will work for me.  I'm still in size 8 as long as they are stretch and into some 10's which is very disheartening for me since I swore I would not buy a bigger size. 

I am going to continue to work on getting to my goal and hopefully the sabotage will decrease and the willpower will increase.  So far this week I've been good and trying not to overindulge and workout 6 days a week.  Good luck all!

Forgot to include my surgery date 1/15/04.






on 1/27/17 12:16 pm

Wow.I appreciate your post so much because I see that this truly will be a lifelong maintenance. You have done an amazing job, so don't beat yourself up. I would love to be 178 and in a 10, but I'm not. However, I am committed to trucking along until I get there. Remember to be kind to yourself and stay in the fight. You will be victorious.

Lia D
on 2/1/17 8:02 am - Waldorf, MD

Thank you much for the accolades.  I don't feel like I've done a good job yet so I really appreciate your comment.  I am still trying and won't give up.  Good luck to you on your journey. 




on 1/28/17 7:20 pm - Youngstown, OH

Happy belated Surgiversary!  No matter what, you've made great strides over the years for the better.  You've got this.  Never lose that momentum.  I hope to be where you are some day. 


Jen in Ohio

Lia D
on 2/1/17 8:05 am - Waldorf, MD

Thank you so much, I really appreciate your response.  I wish you the best on this life long journey.



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