on 3/30/17 3:20 pm

Hello, everyone, I have been subscribing to website been gone for a whiled now doing research on Gastric Sleeve before I was going to do Lapband not anymore. I know surgery is different from everybody. Just want to know anybody had any regrets or bad side effects from surgery.Really would love to known. Thank you

on 4/9/17 12:49 am

Why did you decide against the Lap Band?

on 5/2/17 8:41 am

I guess because people were saying how they didn't lose weight on it or hit a point only lost 50 lbs no more. I have and cousin who did it she lost 89 lbs in a year. that was over 5 years ago. she still nice thick size but not the way she used to look. Thank you for asking.

on 5/1/17 8:02 am
VSG on 07/12/16

I had gastric sleeve surgery on July 12, 2016. Nothing but rave reviews. I was 405 before pre-surgery diet. 385 at surgery time. By November 1, 2016 I had reached 295. I am currently experiencing a plateau at 288. I need to go back to low/no sweets.

I no longer take any medication for diabetes, high blood pressure, or cholesterol. I also no longer suffer from sleep apnea. My skin issues are minimal BUT you must, with any surgery - INGEST CONSISTENT PROTEIN ABOVE WHAT THEY RECOMMEND, STAY HYDRATED AND TAKE HIGH QUALITY LIQUID VITAMINS WITH A CALCIUM AND IRON SUPPLEMENT. I can make specific recommendations. Without this, you will suffer hair loss, more skin sag, fragile bones etc.

I suffered two hair line fractures while exercising BEFORE I began taking the liquid calcium.

on 5/2/17 8:46 am

Thank you for your true honesty, I have issues with Iron deficiencies. I was feeling like maybe this won't be good but I have to lose weight for health issues. I went to seen Hemoglobin doctor they said they treat a lot of people with blood disorders because of the weight loss surgery depraves iron and vitamins and proteins from the body. I am praying on still strive to work on it naturally until I get proper insurance for help. Thank you so much for sharing.

on 5/12/17 8:35 pm
VSG on 07/15/15

I have not had any surgery side effects. The side effects I have experienced are what anyone would experience losing a lot of weight in a relatively short period of time. Hormonal issues, and a lot of emotions.

I was 358 on the day of surgery July 15, 2015, and I am around 187 right now.

I could lose weight before but I could never get below 300, I would plateau and quit trying.

I reverse my diabetes, I lowered my blood pressure, the arthritis that was in my knees doesn't bother me anymore. I feel in general amazing and about 15 years younger.

i had my sleeve at the perfect time in my life, and my recovery has been perfect. I am beyond thrilled with my results. The only cons I have are cons anyone who is morbidly obese and loses half their weight would have.

HW:370 Weight at First Consult: 365 Surgery 7/15/2015 Weight:358 CW: 187 Previous Clothing Size: 28/30 Current Clothing Size: 8/10

on 5/23/17 10:28 am

Thank you for your message this help me more to see that everybody have their own experiences through this journey. I have been doing research on different things to expect, I am going to just pray ask God to give me the strength to make the best choices when it comes to surgery also eating, mental being prepaid the way I see food and exercise. I really need to start working on eating less and what to eat not to eat, measurements, proteins and vitamins and so much more before surgery.Thank you so much again.

on 5/28/17 3:48 am

hi, what are the cons?

Still considering surgery, so ll info would help!

on 5/28/17 9:52 am
RNY on 04/19/17

Hi! I just had RNY a little over a month ago. I chose it over the sleeve because of the benefits to me with potential health concerns. My program actual does not do the lap band any more b/c it hasn't proven successful for most.

I was excited about surgery, not nervous. After I was fine for the most part, I wasn't able to go home with narcotics b/c of oxygen issues when I was asleep; and my blood pressure went up post-surgery. Going home on just Tylenol was fine b/c I wasn't experiencing surgical pain, and wasn't on it for long. I did not have pre-existing BP issues, so everyone was confused, they put me on medication for 2 weeks, it was back to normal in that time. My body was just reacting to the surgery briefly.

Outside of the medical piece, I was getting in the protein during the liquid stage but it was difficult since I was never a big lover of dairy which is where the most protein is. I recommend finding a protein option that isn't dairy based like Protein2O or Syntrax Nectar.

Around weeks 2-4 I would have moments of "buyer's remorse," which is normal. I would think what have I done, even though I knew why I did it. I have little white boards up, one in kitchen for food goals, one in bedroom with all the reasons I did go through with this. As I get more energy and more active, those thoughts have been less. Also be realistic and know your results will be different from others. Everyone told me I would looks LOTS of weight in first month, and I didn't, but that was my body moving at a rate that's best for me. Just work the plan your doctor/program gives and know your journey will not be identical to others. The benefits of the surgery outweigh all else.

on 8/8/17 6:46 pm - Somewhere in time, SC

I have had RNY, which is very drastic. It totally changed my life, however. I have to very careful with my nutrient intake and anemia. If given the choice now, I would probably have a gastric sleeve procedure. Let me say, that Its all about following the rules stringently and loving yourself through the whole process of weight loss. Best wishes,


Keep on climbing, Till I reach the higher ground

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