Keloids & PS Surgery

on 3/19/18 3:09 pm - Atlanta, GA

I just moved to Atlanta from D.C. and I am seriously thinking about having arm/Breast surgery.

I do keloid, this alone is causing me to think 6x harder about the surgery.

I'm just tired of the batwings and having my boobs come unrolled. I look like I have a uniboob, even with an expensive bra. When the bra fitter said wow you weren't kidding about the the sagging

Thinking hard in Atlanta

(deactivated member)
on 3/19/18 7:58 pm

I have hypertrophic prone skin and I recently had a breast lift. I have scars but they are worth it because I don't have the sagging anymore. I know that they have keloid treatments where you can get the scars flattened out. I wouldn't let a scar hold you back. Also tlk to the PS you are looking to go to. Ask them how many patient's they have had to keloid and what they recommend. Go to a dermatologists and see what they recommend. I live in Atlanta too, try to find a surgeon who isn't money hungry and actually cares about your concern with keloids. When I did consults down here I felt like a number. I ended up going else where to get my surgery, HOWEVER I am looking into a Dr. at Piedmont Atlanta location to do a revision bc (from word of mouth) she specializes in scar revisions. I still need to do a consult with her to see if that is true. Good luck on your journey!

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