Dental Problems

on 3/23/18 7:04 am

Greetings! Was wondering if after WLS has anyone experienced any dental issues? Read that some people start to loose teeth and have all kinds of dental issues. Just wanted to know before contemplating VSG. Thanks!

on 3/31/18 7:51 pm - Philadelphia, PA
RNY on 04/28/15

The stories you hear about losing teeth and dental problems are likely connected to non complaint patients who do not take their vitamin supplements. All the wls's have supplement requirement and people get lazy because they feel fine. It takes months for the effects to show. Stay on top of labs, regular dental cleaning and vitamins and you should be fine.

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on 4/1/18 7:31 am

Thanks for sharing Peachpie! That's what I thought.

on 5/22/21 7:27 am, edited 5/22/21 12:27 am
DS on 12/04/93

I agree with you that everyone has supplement requirements, but people get lazy because they feel fine. We must always be alert and follow the condition of their body. I also had problems with teeth, and I realized that they would be seriously treated. Unfortunately, I lost several teeth, and I had to put in implants. I applied for help at Although this process took a couple of months? I remained very pleased with the result. They look even better than my native teeth.

on 5/21/18 2:34 pm - milwaukee, WI

Yes i have issues with my bones and teeth as well. but as the lady stated I wasnt taking my vitamins as i should have been. but I am now!

on 6/8/21 10:54 am, edited 6/9/21 6:02 pm

I also was a fat person about three years ago, and went to the doctor to make some investigations on how I can lose weight fast. So he recommended me to go have a bariatric surgery. Little did I know that this surgery was based on some very acid powerful medicamentation. So after the surgery, my doctor prescribed me some vitamins, because I had the risk of teeth erosion and also he advised me to take a dental coach, which would monitor the progress of my recovery and also would supervise the health of my teeth. So this is my story for the post surgery, on how to keep your teeth healthy.

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