Please help

on 1/30/20 7:46 pm

I have been looking for ways I can get my procedure done. for some reason I can not get a medical loan. I was denied twice and I do not want to try again.

I am a mother of 6, so it is a little hard to save up. And I dont know what to do to get my employer to cover the procedure.

Does anyone have any advice on what I can do?

on 2/3/20 11:01 am
RNY on 01/30/20 with

can you purchase additional coverage to cover bariatrics! ask your insurance or human resource directly if and how you can do this..

i would call my insurance first than after what they say i would cal human resource and ask..

Good Luck..

on 2/3/20 11:14 am

Hello sleeved524,

Thank you so much for your response. I have actually done both. I tried getting addition coverage with my insurance company but I was unable to because I already have a policy with them with my job. I asked HR and I was told even if they did it would take awhile beca it has to be approved by our upper executives and they are in Spain. I am just tired of waiting. I really want to change my life and health but I can't do on my own right now.

on 2/3/20 1:03 pm

I had the exact same issue! So me and my husband made the decision to have surgery in Mexico. They usually do have financing. My husband was super skeptical at first. However, we know 2 people personally that went with this clinic in Mexico with phenomenal reviews and results! It was hard to come to that decision. However, my job just did not have the resources to purchase a bariatric ryder that would allow the surgery. My job is very supportive, and they actually loaned me the money to go to Mexico for the surgery. I know getting a surgery out of the country is scary. But it can be something to consider. Otherwise, I would have no way of getting it. I used some 401K money and a loan from my job to pay for it.

I do wish you luck and I sincerely hope that you get the surgery!

on 2/3/20 2:16 pm
RNY on 01/30/20 with

Hi Partly,

Kay gave you some great info i hope this helps.. wow her job loaned her some money not many jobs can or will do that.. and yes i forgot about 401k's and 403b's you can borrow from them the whole i said in previous post i thought i was not going to be approved for sleeve in 2016 so while waiting for the appeal with my insurance i went and actually scheduled surgery in Mexico also my husband borrowed 6000 from his 401k thank God i was approved on the 24th hour and cancelled my flight also and was fully reimbursed for the flight because it was a medical reason..

wish you the best again!

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