7 years post -op

kathy S.
on 11/6/14 12:18 pm - Pensacola, FL

Hi all!d

I was a regular poster to this forum years ago and  dropped out due to work responsibilities.


Former 374 50+ BMI poster that experienced great success with training and following the rules.

followed with a major life issue and a 35+ weight gain.


Subsequently lost the 35 pounds and am in the greatest time of my life now.  My surgiversary is tomorrow for 7 years and I am 214 down 160 pounds from surgery weight!  I feel beautiful wiith my curves and want to be an inspiration.


stick to the rules and you will have no de-railment like i did!

on 12/2/14 3:35 am
VSG on 03/09/15 with

7 YEARS!!!!!  our beginning stats are similar.  It is quite something to hear that after surgery when life get back to normal tha after 7 years if you gain a little weight you can lose it agin.  Right now I am looking forward to the appointment and getting things scheduled.  It's something I never thought about after losing weight.  That 7 years later it could still be gone.  Diets in the past was a day to day battle.  Your  an inspiration.

kathy S.
on 12/2/14 9:31 am - Pensacola, FL

It's not difficult. Excersive and eating right is the key. Excessive is so important 

kathy S.
on 12/2/14 9:33 am - Pensacola, FL

The tool works.  I'm close to wonderland!  Will make it by Easter!

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