7 years post-op

kathy S.
on 11/6/14 11:31 am - Pensacola, FL

Tomorrow is my 7-year surgiversary.  Started at 370+.  Got down to 202 after an e-coli infection post Tummy tuck.  Three years later bounced up to 250.  Now, using the tools from the surgery back down to 214 and loving life.


Don't mess up and go back to old eating habits.  But...if you do, use your tools to fight the weight gain.  The tool is always there to use unless you totally abuse it.

I am so very happy with where I am with my health and my weight.  If you screw up, you can fix it!

Patty T.
on 11/7/14 3:36 pm - Keizer, OR

Hi Kathy! It's great to see you are doing so well long term. Awesome job.

Laura in Texas
on 11/7/14 11:32 pm
RNY on 09/17/08 with

Good for you!! Keep taking care of yourself!!

Laura in Texas

53 years old; 5'7" tall; HW: 339 (BMI=53); GW: 140 CW: 170 (BMI=27)

RNY: 09-17-08 Dr. Garth Davis

brachioplasty: 12-18-09 Dr. Wainwright; lbl/bl: 06-28-11 Dr. LoMonaco

"May your choices reflect your hopes and not your fears."

Cicerogirl, The PhD

on 11/9/14 10:10 am - OH

Good for you!

We can never hear too many times about the personal accountability aspect of this journey or hear too frequently from people who have slipped up a bit but then gotten serious about taking control again!


10 years out; 190 pounds lost, 165 pound loss maintained

You don't drown by falling in the water. You drown by staying there.

on 11/10/14 3:07 pm - Renton, WA
Thank you for sharing! It is really life long! The further out the easier to lose track and lose sight of the work we must continue.
Hugs from OH family!


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