I HAVE Knee Caps again!

Linda L.
on 9/1/15 8:16 am
RNY on 02/17/15

So all these posts about Non Scale Victories aka NSV inspired me to share.  I continue in physical therapy as 3 months post surgery I broke my left ankle  I was really worried about a decline in my weight loss.  I'm down almost 100 pounds now and last week I saw something I haven't seen in some time. Definition in my knee area and I started laughing because I realized that my knee caps had shown up and initially I didn't know what they were....LOL. They are BEAUTIFUL, my knee caps and I adore them! 

I have been focusing on adding more vegetables to my daily food intake and I just added 4 frozen strawberries to my premier protein strawberries and cream shake.  OMG it was heavenly.  I only drank half of it the other half is for later but it was delightful.

I find that I have more energy now, I find myself singing out loud several times a day. An indicator to me that I'm really HAPPY!

I have many NSV's I made a conscious effort to not let the scale and the number on it define me. 

on 9/2/15 3:57 pm
VSG on 04/27/15

I love this post!  I had the same experience with my elbows lol.  I thought at first I had a bump, then realized OMG it's my elbow bone.  Congrats to all your success and hard work!

HW: 448; SW: 376; CW: 321

on 9/3/15 4:38 pm
RNY on 06/27/14

Congrats on the knees!  :)   I had a similar experience and it was glorious. 

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