Ankle pain

on 7/6/17 7:43 pm

Does anyone else have ankle pain. I've lost 300 lbs but my ankles,(the area where my foot connects to my leg) hurts so bad. I walk a lot band I do have psoriatic arthritis but the dr says the ankle pain isn't arthritis. Just wondering if anyone else experiences this and what they do to help it

Gwen M.
on 7/7/17 3:39 pm
VSG on 03/13/14

Have you seen an orthopedist or podiatrist about your ankles?

What kind of shoes are you wearing and how old are they? You might need new shoes or better shoes that have more support through the ankle. A shoe like the Saucony Omni or the Brooks Beast could be useful.

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on 7/7/17 9:37 pm

I saw my dr today she thinks it's tendinitis and gave me excercises to do four times a day. My range of motion is compromised from being so heavy for so long. If the exvercises don't help she will send me to a podiatrist. Thanks for the response! ?

Insert Fitness
on 7/8/17 6:00 am

I haven't had ankle pain, but I did have a wicked bout of plantar fasciitis. And hip and some back pain. My bariatric clinic includes Access to a kinesiologist, and they've been super helpful! Our physiology is pretty jacked. My understanding is Basically some of us have pain because now some of our muscles aren't loaded any more, to carry the weight, so they contract, but the tendons or ligaments (?) are still stretched, and need time to adjust. And also, in my case with my back, is basically fat was doing some of the job of holding me up, and now some muscles that are now needed, are not happy hahah

hope the exercises help! I know they did for me!

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