Weekly weigh-in 17-07-17/ 23-0

Insert Fitness
on 7/17/17 4:00 am

Hi weekly weighers!

well, I figured I'd bounce around this weight for a while, and I was right. Would have been nice to get comfortably under 200, but whatcha going to do?

i had two people not recognize me, which is weird. The first was on Friday, and the guy is an artist, and I was just like, oh flakey artitist person, doesn't remember we met a few times..... but them my friend was like, it's Erin. And I saw the light bulb go on in his head hahahah.

I went to a reunion Saturday on my husband's side. A lot of people I didn't know, but a few I know quite well. Im fine with getting a certain amount of attention these days, it's still very new for people. But it's also a little weird. But I know it's temporary. I just return with a compliment and change the subject. A few of the older folks were a bit more effusive but hahha they're just excited, a lot of "where's the rest of you" and "you're half the woman you were"


HW: 378


TW: 299.6

have a good week!

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Gwen M.
on 7/17/17 6:13 am
VSG on 03/13/14

I'm a big fan of the "return with a compliment and change the subject." :)

When I was skyping with my mom over the weekend she asked me "so how much weight have you lost know? Some of my friends have asked me." And.. this is weird. I am 100% open about all of this and I don't mind if people who knew SMO-Gwen know how much weight I've lost, but it seems weird to me that people who DIDN'T know SMO-Gwen know how much weight I've lost. Not enough to tell my mom, "hey, I'd rather you not tell people this" but enough that it's weird.

And then, yesterday, I spent the afternoon with my longest/oldest friends. At one point we were talking about Renn Faire garb and I said that I'd be wearing cheapo "garb" from Amazon again this year and would invest in good stuff in 2018. And my friend said, "But surely you're not planning on getting smaller than you are now, right?" This was both flattering and strange to hear. It's really the first time that someone I actually care about has insinuated that I've lost enough weight and can stop now. I responded with "well, we'll see, I still have two more surgeries this year after all!" and then changed the subject.

Anyway.. numbers. For the first time that I can remember in my entire life, the left two digits on the scale are 14. w00t!

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LW: 152
TW: 149

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on 7/17/17 8:13 am
VSG on 08/11/14


I'm surprised at the scale this morning. I kept getting on and off but it was the same. I had a bingefest on ice cream over the weekend. Its gone now. Hopefully I can stay strong and not buy anymore.

HW 368

LW 173.6

TW 169.6

Have a good week

on 7/18/17 4:14 pm
RNY on 03/23/15 with

I'm trying to get back into weighing in every week. I do weigh myself every week but I don't check in here...

HW: 377

LW: 131

TW: 131

Goal: I've been saying it's to maintain under 145 but I think I'm going to adjust that back to 140 since I've been maintaining at between 128-132 for the last 4 months.


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TOTAL LOSS: 249 pounds

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