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on 11/28/17 3:29 am


Ran out of time yesterday, and didn't get a chance to post.

Might also have to do with the fact the scale is all over the place, and i didn't want to deal with it..... I know I'm still on the right track, clothes are shifting etc, but my carbs are higher than they should be, and it shows on the scale.

When I stepped off the scale this morning, i was kicking myself for not losing more before my trip, but then I just remembered that my original goal was to be as close to 200 pounds as possible before my flight in December. And I remember not even writing down that goal, because it seemed to unrealistic. Well, I've blown past that one!

It can be tricky for those of us with higher BMIs to keep perspective. at least it is for me it is.

I can go from not being sure people will notice I've lost weight, to worrying about no being recognized, on the same day, at the same event even. I was talking to my sister about a pair of lace-up boots I didn't buy because my calves were too big, and it would make the boots look weird. She gave me a crazy look and said your calves aren't big.... I still ended up buying shorter style boots.

i actually haven't even tried on a pair of tall boots, because I'm worried they won't zip up...but then in the same store, I caught my reflection and wanted to take a selfie right there because I didn't recognize my body, and how could i look so slim while wearing a winter coat!?

Brains are weird.

how are you all doing?



LW: 167. Something

TW: 168.4

goal: 145, normal BMI, but first I'm focusing on getting consistently under 165. I was there for a day last week, but popped back up.

RNY Sept 8, 2016

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on 11/28/17 6:30 am
VSG on 10/17/16

We are very much alike. I didn't want to deal with the scale bouncing around either. I don't love the 170 number, but I'm ok with it. I flew across the country, ate out, celebrated, etc. Had a pretty normal Thanksgiving, complete with a super critical mother, who criticized the skin on my legs and my saddlebags on my thighs. She also criticized my hair and told me I had lost too much in my butt. But you know what? I survived!

My final goal was to be 180 when I started this journey. I am still striving for the normal BMI. But what you said about perspective rings true for me too. 170 is pretty damn awesome. My clothes look good. My stomach is flat. I am healthy and feel good. I can walk without pain or the burden of lugging myself around. I flew on the airplane alone without needing my honey there so I could take up part of his seat. Perspective.

My calves are still big. I think I will try some boots on and see. I can't imagine I could wear them though.

I too have a weirdo brain. It tells me that I am as big as I ever was or that I am on the way back up when I haven't been perfect. Trying to love myself, but I often get in the way.

HW: 375

LW: 167

TW: 170

goal: 159 Healthy BMI

HW: 375 SW: 282 CW: 167 GW: 159

on 11/29/17 6:40 am
RNY on 09/01/17

Congratulations Sally - there are so many victories in everything you wrote. It's difficult when the people who are supposed to love us most, unconditionally (and they do, they just don't know how to show it) are the most critical. You did survive, and you thrived.

Try on some boots! Take some pictures! I have some wide calf boots I haven't worn in years that I wore yesterday - I posted in the Ontario forum because I was so excited! They have a heel, and heels have hurt my knees and feet, but yesterday I could wear them. :)

Here's the pic for you too! Maybe you'll feel inspired to go try some boots on and take a pic!!! Even just the boots if that's all you're comfortable with! (or not even, if you're not comfortable with that!)

Stay great! You're doing amazing!

Success is not the key to happiness. Happiness is the key to success. Choose happy.

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Century Club and Onederland in month 7!!

on 11/29/17 7:42 am
VSG on 10/17/16

You are rocking those boots, girl! You look great, and so happy. Congrats on the loss. You are clicking right along.

Thank you for the words of encouragement. It was a pretty rough visit. We went through some cards and things she had saved from my childhood. I found a card I had written when I was about 14 or so. In my girlish handwriting I had written, "Dear Mom. I looked in the mirror today and I am revolting." It went on to say how much weight I need to lose and that this time I was going to do it, etc etc. The thing is... at that age I was as tall as I am now and probably at least 25 lbs lighter. How awful that even at that tender age I thought of myself as revolting. It was pretty depressing to read it, and even more so that she kept it. But this journey is not over. My story is still being written. I'm determined to make the last chapters the happily-ever-after.

HW: 375 SW: 282 CW: 167 GW: 159

on 11/29/17 4:47 pm
RNY on 09/01/17

Oh Sally, no one deserves to have a lifetime, or even a moment of thinking they are revolting. I don't think you believe that anymore... even if you think you do, here's why I don't think you do. Because you disapprove of the fact that your mother kept the card. And I agree. She shouldn't have kept the card. She shouldn't have pulled it out and reminded you of that moment.

But maybe... maybe it was meant to be. So you can read it again, and realize who you are today. That you are no longer that 14 year old girl who needs... well, needs what. When we look in the mirror and see ourselves as revolting, there is a reason. It's not because we are. It's usually a protection of some sort. But you are a grown woman now and strong and courageous and accomplished and amazing. And so far from revolting.

That card has nothing on you.

Success is not the key to happiness. Happiness is the key to success. Choose happy.

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Century Club and Onederland in month 7!!

on 11/30/17 5:33 am
VSG on 10/17/16

So very nice. Thank you. It's so odd how I revert back to that young girl when I am visiting there. I'm proud of the person I've become. Wish she were too. But the only person I can control is me.

HW: 375 SW: 282 CW: 167 GW: 159

(deactivated member)
on 11/29/17 8:58 pm

Sally you are my hero ;)

on 11/29/17 6:48 am
RNY on 09/01/17

Hi IF,

Yes, I totally get not wanting to post when the scale is not cooperating in the way we want. I didn't post last week - I had a loss, but it was one lb, and I was "meh" about it. LOL. Pathetic, I know. I had just been seeing such slow losses week after week, I thought, ok, to come and post about another one lb... I was uninspired.

Today though... today I something exciting! I am in the 240's for the first time since 2001!!!! I snuck in at 249.5, but I haven't seen a "4" on the scale since 2001. I am over the moon excited. My next two goals are to lose 60 lbs (248) and then get below 242, my lowest adult weight I know of - also reached in 2001.

HW: 308

LW: 256

TW: 249.5

IF - try the boots on! I am sure you'll be surprised at how well tall boots fit you. Brains are weird - you're loss is incredible and no doubt the boots will fit! Or some will - find the right pair :)

You got this girl, and 165 is on the horizon!

Success is not the key to happiness. Happiness is the key to success. Choose happy.

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Century Club and Onederland in month 7!!

(deactivated member)
on 11/29/17 8:59 pm

Yay you ... 16 yrs!!! Amazing

Gwen M.
on 11/30/17 11:55 am
VSG on 03/13/14


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