Weekly weigh-in Dec 4-10

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on 12/4/17 3:27 am

And just like that, it's Monday again!

How was everyone's week? The reality of navigating the holidays is really starting to set in. Every meal or outing is labeled as special, or worth the indulgence. So far, I've been doing just ok. The good thing is that there always seems to be a few good protein forward options available. Shrimp rings, cheese and meat platters, turkey, etc. The bad, is everything else surrounding the protein hahahaha

The scale started moving again this week, I think that's my whoosh over with for a couple more weeks. I do miss the days of daily losses, but this still goes to show, if you stay the course, eventually the scale will cooperate.

And I know it makes me sound ungrateful. But I was actually annoyed the new winter coat I bought at the beginning of November is getting baggy in the waist already. And I'm always pulling up the jeans I just bought 2 weeks ago. Seems like even though the losses are less frequent, they are really impactful at this point.

Especially in my already non existent buttular area hahahah


HW: 378

LW: 168.4

TW: 163.5 ( two days in a row now)

Goals: 145, top end of a healthy BMI for my height. Fantasy goal: under 160 before I leave for Germany on the 15th! I won't have access to my scale for a couple of weeks, and I'd like to see that before leaving.

RNY Sept 8, 2016

M1:23, M2 :18, M3 :11, M4 :19, M5: 13, M6: 12, M7: 17, M8: 11, M9: 11.5, M10: 13, M11: 10, M12: 10 M13 : 7.6, M14: 6.9, M15: 6.7


on 12/4/17 6:46 am
VSG on 10/17/16

Congratulations on your terrific loss. Just incredible really. You motivate me!

I'm still flip-flopping around the 170 mark. I got up to 172 this past week so I was happy to see it back down some this morning. I'm in a good place to try to really stay the course for a few weeks. Not easy with all of this food around, but I can do it. After my Thanksgiving trip to see my mom, I realized just how much my emotions still control me and my eating. Lots of work to do.

HW: 375

LW: 170

TW: 169

mini-goal: 165 by the time we leave for Florida on the 23rd.

goal: 159 Healthy BMI

HW: 375 SW: 282 CW: 167 GW: 159

on 12/5/17 5:40 pm
VSG on 08/11/14

I remembered to weigh this morning but forgot to take my morning meds and did not realize until 5 pm. Now I know why I was tired after getting up and had to go back to bed.

Hw 368

Lw 171.4

Tw 170.2

Have a good week

on 12/7/17 5:21 am
RNY on 09/01/17

Congratulations everyone! It looks like you have all have scale victories! IF... amazing tha your clothes are getting baggy already. I guess after all this time, it can be frustrating; I'm still in the honeymoon phase, so anytime something is too big, I'm still rejoicing and getting rid of it. Lol. But my clothing options are not as plentiful as they once were, so I can see how at some point, that starts to be a bit of a pickle!!

Sally; you're doing very well... mind and body. Yes, those trips to the past can really set us back for quite some time. Good for you for staying the course. I'm so sorry you have that to deal with. Family really can be some of the toughest relationships we have.

The scale has been a bit up and down for me recently. I think cause I had my period.

HW: 308

LW: 249.5

TW: 248

So I am officially at my 60 lb loss, which I hit on Friday... the scale went down then back up since then, but that's ok. I'm still at 60 lost!! My next goal is to get to 242... my lowest known adult weight!! I remember that weight in 2001. Btw, my current weight is the lowest I've been since 2001; I got into the 250's in 2013. Wow!

Have a great week everyone!!

Success is not the key to happiness. Happiness is the key to success. Choose happy.

Opti -10 / M1 -25.5 / M2 -10 / M3 -14.5 / M4 -13 / M5 -10 / M6 -5.5 / M7 -9.5 / M8 -13.5 / M9 -0.5 / M10 -2.5 / M11 -2.5 / M12 +2 / M13 -5.5

Century Club and Onederland in month 7!!

on 12/7/17 6:28 am
VSG on 10/17/16

You are doing so great! Enjoy the ride -- it's so fun seeing those new lows. Amazing, really. I am so grateful to have this second chance.

HW: 375 SW: 282 CW: 167 GW: 159

on 12/7/17 2:23 pm
RNY on 09/01/17

I'm so grateful too!

Success is not the key to happiness. Happiness is the key to success. Choose happy.

Opti -10 / M1 -25.5 / M2 -10 / M3 -14.5 / M4 -13 / M5 -10 / M6 -5.5 / M7 -9.5 / M8 -13.5 / M9 -0.5 / M10 -2.5 / M11 -2.5 / M12 +2 / M13 -5.5

Century Club and Onederland in month 7!!

(deactivated member)
on 12/8/17 8:29 am, edited 12/8/17 12:29 am

When I need some motivation I come here.... I look at what Sally, Invert, Yvonne, OAAT and others have accomplished and I am inspired and it gives me hope. I see not only how well you are doing on the scale, and your health but your positive attitudes are so amazing! Thank you .. I don't always comment or post ... but know that you are all making a difference to one pre-op "big gal" !

on 12/8/17 9:01 am
VSG on 10/17/16

That was sweet. Thank you. When is your surgery?

I do the same thing. I read and read -- and I don't always comment. But this site has been crucial to my journey. We are not alone. I was going to say we are not weird, but I can't promise that.

HW: 375 SW: 282 CW: 167 GW: 159

(deactivated member)
on 12/8/17 9:14 am, edited 12/8/17 1:14 am

Thank you! And... re op... barring any complications - Spring 2018- latest summer 2018 ... I hope!

on 12/8/17 11:34 am
VSG on 10/17/16

It will be here before you know it!

HW: 375 SW: 282 CW: 167 GW: 159

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