Weekly weigh-in January 1-7

Insert Fitness
on 1/1/18 3:21 am

Morning everyone!

I am back from my trip to Germany. We flew in yesterday. I loved it, but I'm also very happy to be home!

How did everyone make out over the holidays? I had a wonderful time with family, and definitely indulged, which I think is normal. The challenge now, is how easily can I switch back to eating on plan, and get the scale moving downward again! I am dealing with some carb cravings, and hoping I can white knuckle it for the next few days.

I gained a bit of weight, but to be honest, I had mentally prepared for it to be a lot worse. Between the higher carbs, not drinking enough water, bathroom issues, flying etc, I'll take it!


HW: 378

last weigh in was dec 15: 161.4

TW: 165.1

Goals: get under 160.

My monthly weigh in is the 8th of each month. As of now, I'm on track to have lost zero pounds for the month, so I'm going to try and not let that happen. I mean, it's not the end of the world, but it's not what I want to see in my stats if I can avoid it!

RNY Sept 8, 2016

M1:23, M2 :18, M3 :11, M4 :19, M5: 13, M6: 12, M7: 17, M8: 11, M9: 11.5, M10: 13, M11: 10, M12: 10 M13 : 7.6, M14: 6.9, M15: 6.7


Gwen M.
on 1/1/18 6:50 pm
VSG on 03/13/14

Welcome back! I also had some gain over vacation - probably due to eating my 10 year old nephew's body weight in cookies.

HW: 320
LW: 153.3
TW: 154

Next goal: normal BMI!

I'm finally back to a "normal" schedule of showering in the morning, which also means weighing daily again! This is super exciting for me. And I'm able to start building up my exercising again. YAY!

VSG with Dr. Salameh - 3/13/2014
Diagnosed with Binge Eating Disorder and started Vyvanse - 7/22/2016
Reconstructive Surgeries with Dr. Michaels - 6/5/2017 (LBL & brachioplasty), 8/14/2017 (UBL & mastopexy), 11/6/2017 (medial leg lift)

Age 41 Height 5'4" HW 319 (1/3/2014) SW 293 (3/13/2014) CW 149 (7/16/2017)
Next Goal 145 - normal BMI | Total Weight Lost 170

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Teena D.
on 1/2/18 7:03 pm - Oshawa, Canada
RNY on 01/12/17

Hello! It's good to have you back Erin.

As we talked about today, I think I mentally gave myself permission to be in maintenance for the month of December - well a good part of it anyway. I started December at 169.8 and today I'm at 166.7. Lowest weight this month was 164.1.

HW: 294.6

LW: 166.5

TW: 166.7

Next goal- also to be out of the 160s

Happy to say that I have my head back in the game and looking forward to seeing the lbs come off again. I've decided on 135 as my goal weight.

Have a great week everyone!

  1. Referral Feb 4, 2016, Toronto Western RNY Guelph Jan 12/2017 with Dr. Reed

Happily married, mom of 3 teens. On a journey to healthy!

Weight Loss: PreOp: 13 lbs M1: 21.9 M2: 13.4 M3: 14.4 M4: 10.3 M5: 11.9 M6: 11.9 M7: 9.5 M8: 6 M9: 5.2 M10: 4.5 M11: 6.9 M12: 0.5

129.4 lbs lost and counting!

Insert Fitness
on 1/3/18 2:19 am

Yes! Onward and downward. That's exciting that you've picked a goal weight. I've set mine at 145 for now, which is the top end of a healthy BMI. I'd like to get a bit below that, but to be honest, just getting under 160 is all I can take on right now hahahah

RNY Sept 8, 2016

M1:23, M2 :18, M3 :11, M4 :19, M5: 13, M6: 12, M7: 17, M8: 11, M9: 11.5, M10: 13, M11: 10, M12: 10 M13 : 7.6, M14: 6.9, M15: 6.7


on 1/3/18 7:33 pm
VSG on 08/11/14

Back from my trip. Enjoyed it except I got sick. Today was the worse day for me.

HE 368

2 weeks ago 174

TW 173.6

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