What are some easy exercise I can do weight 589 pounds

on 9/10/22 2:41 pm - SUGAR LAND, TX

What are some easy exercise I can do weight 589 pounds, also I have hard time walking

Patty T.
on 9/20/22 4:04 pm - Boalsburg, PA

A pedal exerciser can be a way to get your arms and legs moving.

Stretching in also good. When we sit too long we can get stiff. Move to another chair during a commercial.

Does your program offer exercise consults? I hate to recommend anything that might hurt you medically.

on 9/21/22 7:39 am - SUGAR LAND, TX

Thanks for replying to my question and answering it

on 10/10/22 8:34 pm - Grand Rapids, MI 49504, USA, MI

Do a quick search online for chair exercises or the Sit and Be Fit program on PBS. At my highest I was right around an 80 BMI. I was almost immoble as well since walking more than a few feet at a time was very painful (knees, back and ankles). Something as easy as raising your arms up and down, circling them....doing the same thing for your legs several times a day can help increase stamina. Stretching and bending as much as you can doing something even as mundane as folding laundry and placing in a basket on the floor while sitting does count too.

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