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on 10/29/18 5:46 am
Topic: How relevant cancer and obesity are?

Many believe that obesity could make one more prone to cancer. How true is this?

on 8/14/18 9:00 am
Topic: RE: Metastatic Malignant Melanoma 12 Yrs. Post-op

Karen. So sorry to read this. I hope you have a good plan for treatment.



Karen M.
on 7/26/18 2:52 pm - Mississauga, Canada
Topic: Metastatic Malignant Melanoma 12 Yrs. Post-op

Hi :)

I see that this forum isn't very regularly posted on (hopefully because not many of us have cancer to deal with!)

I'm looking for anyone at all who may have been diagnosed with stage 4 cancer, incurable but undergoing treatment. It would be nice to talk with someone.




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on 5/29/18 5:04 am
Topic: Breast Cancer, Bypass, and Nutrition

I'm looking for info on nutrition after bypass surgery and breast cancer. Surgery was back in 2005. I just finished breast cancer treatments. I'm starting to gain weight for no apparent reason that I can find. Just before my diagnosis I was in the same situation and upped my protein drink intake in an effort to take off a few pounds. It was the only major change (for about 4 months) prior to my diagnosis. So, I'm questioning the role of protein shakes in my diet, but not sure what else to turn to. Did anyone find a nutritionist that was educated in both WLS and cancer? It seems that the information out there can be conflicting.

on 5/29/18 5:01 am
Topic: RE: My Cancer Update

How are you doing? I'm a fellow survivor too - HER2+. Had chemo, bilateral mastectomy and rads. On Nerlynx currently.

on 5/29/18 4:58 am
Topic: RE: Slightly freaking out - Possible BC

Just checking in to see how the biopsy turned out and offering support. Don't beat yourself up too much. I'm a fellow survivor, having surgery back in 2005. It was quite successful overall. I've maintained my weight loss for the past 16 years and still ended up with the diagnosis.

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on 4/8/18 12:23 pm - Irvine, CA
Topic: RE: Stomach muscle support "belt" after an removal of a stomach

There are binders and such that can be bought and used to help support the stomach muscles. You want a good quality binder that will provide support and they can be quite pricey. The hospital may have a binder that they use, so I would inquire with her surgeon before you purchase anything. If he can arrange for one through the hospital it will be sufficient to give her the support she needs.

on 4/8/18 12:06 pm
Topic: Stomach muscle support "belt" after an removal of a stomach


I hope you can advice me on a concern i have, even if it is just an opinion and not just send me somewhere else to get the information.

My wife is having a total gastrectomy (Stomach removal) due to cancerous tumors and she is overweight. Her stomach area is quit large and there is certain amount of belly hanging down and hence dragging on her front and putting strain on her stomach muscle and back, so my question is, that after the operation her stomach muscles would have weekend due to having to cut them and therefore is there something one can get to support the the stomach ,in her case to reduce the drag and weight on the front?

sorry for being blunt, but do not know how else to put it


on 3/7/18 11:58 am - Hawthorne, CA
Topic: Slightly freaking out - Possible BC

Well, my pride and foolishness may have caused the predicament I am in now. For most of my life I have had a battle with weight/over fatness. Now, damn near seven years I am facing possible breast cancer.

I will be 52 this Friday and am scheduled for a stereoactive biopsy on one breast and a new ultrasound and diagnostic mammogram on the other.

I have failed in my half ass efforts to lose weight/bodyfat and just let it slide - never really working my vsg and getting real with myself and my life. Now - I am being slapped back and rightfully so.

I am going back to a protein sparing modified diet was instructed to stay off all NSAIDS, Vits, Fish Oils supplements but allowed to use Tylenol as needed. Also instructed to eat a full lunch before my procedures later this month.

My question is this: My NP gave me Phentermine to help cut my appetite with that - do you think that metabolism booster pill can aggravate possible tumor growth? Common sense tells me yes but what do you think? If you are or have dealt with BC, (female or male) what eating changes have you adopted/worked with before, during and after treatment?

I am angry at myself but am ready to get real with myself now because now it is not about vanity but LIFE.

sorry for the rant, but I believe this has to be one of the best support sites around and one in whose community I missed.