the book called "The Diet Alternative" by Diane Hampton

on 10/19/11 1:03 pm
Hello Sisters and Brothers in Christ. 
Has anyone read the book called "the Diet Alternative" by Diane Hampton.
I've had this book for a while, even before I started the lapband journey, I havnt been banded yet my date is Dec 13th. 
eventhough I'm having this surgery I am lead to read this book. It talks about food being bondage, and about prayer instead of eating etc.

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Patricia R.
on 10/20/11 12:54 pm - Perry, MI
 I think I saw this book in my book club catalogue, but did not order it.  l started going back to Overeaters Anonymous meetings.  

I am familiar with Food Addiction, a book that explains the addictive brain well.  Also, I started reading The Beck Diet Solution, which I did not stick with.  

I find the 12 Steps of AA and OA very helpful to me in overcoming my addictions.  It is a program that focuses on developing and nurturing a relationship with God through prayer and meditation, as well as service to others.


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