Who here has done lap band??

on 1/9/12 5:16 am
Hi there!  I'm pretty new around here, but I am glad to see their is a Christianity Forum!  So has anyone here had the lapband procedure done? 
on 1/9/12 10:05 am - Vancouver, WA
Welcome! I'm usually on more often but have had the blahs since the first of the year, but welcome anyhoo. Yes I got the band over 4 years ago and quite honestly I would not recommend it to anyone. It is not nearly as safe as it is touted by the manufacturers. It works for a very few mostly those who are volume eaters  but for the most part you are lucky to lose 30-40% of your weight. My surgeon doesn't even like to do them anymore unless the patient insists because there is such a high failure rate with them. Many of us never get a feeling of restriction or fullness like the promoters say. I'm personally waiting until I can revise to a gastric sleeve. It is more drastic as they remove part of your stomach but it works far better than the band. The band also builds up scar tissue that can cause serious problems and removal of the band. The first year usually goes pretty OK but after 2-3 yrs. it starts to fall apart with slips, erosions and tightness. So that's my 2 cents worth, you might want to go over to the lap band forum and see what others say.
on 1/9/12 10:28 am
Thanks.... I've heard mixed reviews over there.  I have two friends who have had it done.  One has had hers 2 or 3 years and no complaints... The other just got hers a few weeks ago and loves it so far.  

I've just in the last years developed a few health issues that really need to be taken care of and losing weight is the best way to do that.  And since diet and exercise alone has not worked for me for the last 8 years, I have got to do something.  The health issues keep multiplying and getting worse... Something's got to give for sure. 

I have heard of the sleeve.  It's a bit more drastic than I'd like to do... but does seem good.  But a little leary because it's kind of new... and alot of insurers don't cover it.  But it does sound like it works GREAT!  Just wish there were more longterm results to observe.  So then that leaves bypass which is covered... but even more drastic.  But I really have to do something. 

I keep hearing about the band working for 'volume eaters'... What is a volume eater?  And how do you know what type of eater you are?  I think I may be what they call a binge eater... but not sure.  Is there a test I can take to find out what kind of eater I am??

Thanks for you two cents... =) 



on 1/10/12 8:28 am - Vancouver, WA
It so unfortunate that so many insurance companies consider the sleeve experimental because it has been done since the 30's or 40's for stomach cancer so it's really not at all new just new for weight loss. I have a brother in law that had it done for stomach cancer and he's still in great shape 10 years later altho he wasn't over weight to begin with.

A volume eater is someone who eats alot of food or more than a normal person. Like 2 burgers, a large fry and large soda. or 2 plates of food every meal. They tend to eat unhealthy food and lots of it. A binge eater can also be a volume eater if they eat alot when they binge. The band doesn't change the brain so if a person has any kind of eating disorder like that then it really needs to be dealt with first  with counceling before any kind of weight loss surgery because the surgery can only make your stomach smaller or malabsorb but it can't change how you look at food.  That is the reason for most failures the people never deal with what causes them to overeat in the first place.

I can understand not wanting anything too drastic, I couldn't do the bypass myself for that reason and that's why I went with the band but it did nothing it was supposed to do like reduce appetite and feeling fuller sooner. So it's a difficult decision to make and one you have to be comfortable with I just like to make sure everyone knows the band isn't nearly as safe and effective as the manufacturers say it is, it can cause serious problems and even death just like any major surgery. Good luck to you!
on 1/26/12 10:32 pm
Hi, I am new...I just got the lap band a little more than a week ago....I would like to find an online support group..I've been to the lapband forum but there is so much drama and negativity, that it is not helpful at all....but there are a lot of great lap band bloggers who have had there bands for many years and are doing great....that is encouraging...I would find a Dr. that you like, trust and respect and listen to their advice, pray about it and have others pray for God's guidance as you make the decision that you feel is best for your life....blessings
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