Just noticed this forum!

on 2/28/15 9:08 am

Wow! I would have been here sooner had I noticed this forum! Encouragement from anyone is great but when someone says they will pray for you it's the best feeling in the world! I could have used lots of prayers 8 months ago when I had my surgery but even now I would love to have them. As we all know each day is a struggle, early on and at 8 months out. I still have a tendency to eat too fast in certain situations and am working so hard on correcting that behavior. When I eat too fast I end up throwing up, so no nutrition after eating. I really don't get hungry and can go all day without eating, no problem, except I know I need the nutrition. I'm 9 lbs away from goal and have slowed to losing about a pound every 2 weeks. But onward I shall go!


on 3/1/15 7:22 am - Vancouver, WA

Welcome unfortunately as you can see we don't get much action here but I pop in several times a day to check so it is always a treat to find someone new popped in! Feel free to post any time it is always welcome. I've tried to start it up a few times but it never goes far but I keep hoping one day it will get going like it used to!

on 3/30/15 6:41 am
VSG on 03/07/15

I just found this, too! Maybe we can get a good convo going soon :)


VSG on 3/7/15. 

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on 4/8/15 8:01 am

I just noticed this forum too!  Great to see it here.  Some of my best friends I have made from a Christian forum on another weight loss site.  I had my DS on Dec 31 2014.  New Year...  New me!  Hope everyone has a blessed day!

on 4/10/15 6:06 am - Vancouver, WA

You were very wise to go with the DS it is an excellent surgery especially for the extremely overweight! You too have a wonderful day!

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