Diabetic surgery info!!!!

on 3/12/15 12:08 pm - Riverdale, GA

Found out one year ago I'm a Diabetic. Having a really hard time losing this weight.

Do you all think the gastric sleeve will reverse my diabetes. Does any one have any

success stories or advice for me. I will really appreciate it.....

on 3/18/15 12:05 am

I just found out 2 weeks ago that I was Type 2.  I was at my last appointment and was meeting with the anesthesiologist and he said that my pre op testing revealed my sugars were up so my surgery has been on hold until everything levels out.  They have told me that the symptoms of diabetes will most likely be gone, and any meds will likely be discontinued as well.  So, I'm thinking you may be in luck with the surgery!!


on 3/18/15 12:48 pm - Riverdale, GA

Thanks Allray, I  needed  to hear some encouraging 

Words regarding  the surgery. ...

Amber H.
on 3/18/15 11:44 am - UT
RNY on 06/01/12 with

I was a diabeti****il I had RNY. I'm almost 3 years out and just had my annual blood work - my A1C is 4.6. I've maintained a 200 pound loss. 

For context, I am almost 32, and prior to surgery I'd been a diabetic for about 7 years on Metformin. 

RNY: June 1, 2012  HW: 450 GW: 200


on 3/18/15 12:54 pm - Riverdale, GA

Wow that's  awesome! !!! l can't wait to tell the same story. .

Let me  ask u a question, when your sugars are low now, can u feel it as u did  before you lost  all the weight? 

Amber H.
on 3/18/15 1:01 pm - UT
RNY on 06/01/12 with

I'm to the point where I eat a little different than the diet right after surgery, so I don't experience a lot of lows...my blood sugar is pretty consistent. I'm also pregnant, so I am able to eat more carbs now. 

However, I have had lows and I can very much feel them. My hunger sensation never came back, so I have to remember to eat usually, and if I forget (never thought that would happen!) I get a headache and if it goes too long, I'll go into a sugar low with the shakes and that fuzzy feeling in the brain. 

RNY: June 1, 2012  HW: 450 GW: 200


Ruth S.
on 3/19/15 10:08 am - Orlando, FL

I was Type 2 Diabetic and couldn't lose the weight.  After having RNY I started my medications and crashed...after that I never took any more meds again however...now I'm hypoglycemic... sometimes which I think it's worst...lol....ooh well ............but I did get "rid" of it to some degree.  Depending on your type and history you may or may not.  Your doctor or surgeon can best answer that question.

Ruth S.
on 3/19/15 10:15 am - Riverdale, GA

Thanks Ruth that's awesome.  I can't wait to get off these meds. Im well on my way.....

on 3/23/15 8:07 am

Diabetes has to be healed as soon as it is possible. It is a very serious problem indeed. There are some new methods like stem cells therapy for diabetes which allow to treat it really effective. Go to a doctor, that is the real solution 

on 3/24/15 12:19 am - Riverdale, GA

Thanks so much for  the information. I've never heard  of that but i will research it today and speak to my Dr. about it.. Definitely worth a try. ... thanks again! !!

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