Long term results on Victoza?

on 2/17/17 4:57 am - Lady's Island, SC

I just started Victoza 3 days ago. I've certainly felt the side affects of feeling full, a little nausea, and some lack of energy. I've read that those side effects ease over time. I've seen a couple of forum links here that were from 2010/2011. I would like to know if any of those people are still on it and if 1. they have had continued weight loss, 2. still have side effects, 3. control of blood sugar?

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on 2/21/17 7:12 am
RNY on 08/04/15

My hubby is on Victoza and has been on it for at least a year, probably closer to 2.  it has helped his diabetes, but not enough.  He recently decided that he was going to join me and have RNY.  His BMI is in the high 30s, but his diabetes is becoming harder to control.

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on 3/28/17 8:49 pm
RNY on 04/30/17

I have been on Victoza 1.8 for a year ..... the initial side effects subsided .... but I alos think there is a bit of a level of getting used to feeling slightly "off" ... it became the new normal ... and I really don't often feel hungry --- but it has helped my glucoselevels ...

Nancy Geoghegan
on 4/14/17 5:39 pm - Lincoln University, PA
RNY on 01/23/18

Hi there. I take Saxenda which is the same medication as Victoza except it is 3 ml. It is made by the same people but it is made to aid in weight loss. I also take Vyvanse 70mg. It is a stimulant medication to treat binge eating disorder. Both work well for me but I often lose and then gain weight back.

I had my lapband out in 2015. I am now going through the beginning process for the RNY. I don't know if I will still be allowed to take either of these medications or if I will need them at all. The Saxenda helps my diabetes as well. I just recently had to go on metformin.

I have never had side effects from Saxenda.

Nancy Geoghegan

Mary K.
on 1/18/18 1:08 pm

I have been on Victoza a few years. Initially it helped me lose some weight, and the side effects do pass. I find if I forget to take it a few days I can get tired, headaches, etc. I shouldn't forget. It is a good medication. I have maintained a solid 5-6 A1C while on it, so it is doing its job.

It's not a miracle drug, but it does fight the disease in a way that makes sense.


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