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on 3/27/11 9:20 am - Ottawa, Canada
Hi Ladies,

i am looking for suggestions for some good online shopping sites with deals!!

I want to price out a coffee frother and other household items.


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Julie R.
on 3/27/11 10:15 am - Ludington, MI
 I like and    WIth both of them, most people give reviews, and I have yet to gat scammed after reading the reviews on a product.   One cool thing I found, is that if you ever need an outstanding deal on wool rugs, go on Overstock.    They are of exceptional quality for a fraction of the prices I've seen elsewhere.   I catch some good deals on ebay too.
Julie R - Ludington, Michigan
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Elizabeth N.
on 3/27/11 10:28 am - Burlington County, NJ
You might try . often has good deals, and so does .

Some of the higher end retailers....uh, what's that really fancy kitchen place? Something Sonoma?....have great sales online if you check for coupons and closeouts. I don't shop much for household stuff, but I sure love bottom of the bin sales at places like Lands End, where I recently got a swimsuit top for under $10 and a bottom for under $5, and free shipping! So looking at sites for places usually too high end to shop can be very cool.

There's Goodwill online too, with options to buy new stuff. And Ebay, of course.
on 3/27/11 10:30 am - Philly, PA
internet shopping.  i love it.  nothing better than spending money in your jammies.
i also like  and amazon.  also try  most times you can get free shipping. 
whichever site you land on, alway**** up "" to see if there are any coupons you can use.  i have saved tons in shipping, and gotten up to 40% off items with cool coupons.
happy shopping.



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on 3/27/11 11:19 am - Newark, DE
I second I have saved a TON using coupons from there!
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