high protein + low carb = constipation???? this true for anyone else?

on 4/8/11 3:13 pm - North Platte, NE
So, for this week I have been very diligent with eating high protein/low carb, (and yes.....I know this should have been all along but hey at 3+ years I am a slacker). Regardless of any of that, I am now having issues with constipation. The only thing I have changed is diet and I am not restricting fat intake. Anybody else experience this?

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on 4/8/11 3:43 pm
Yes. And it's not just DSers. Animals that eat a high-protein, low-carb diet naturally (think predators), while not necessarily constipated, produce much smaller, harder scat than do herbivores (think prey). Compare you dog's output to a cow patty. (*grin*)

Have you tried drinking more water? When I have a problem going, I up my fats AND my water.
J G.
on 4/8/11 4:31 pm
I agree with MsBatt.  For immediate help try some Miralax and then really up the liquids.  Give us an update    J

-  Jenny
on 4/9/11 5:54 am - MI
Do you know if Miralax can be taken long term?  I was thinking of adding it daily and using it long term. 
on 4/9/11 6:04 am
Revision on 12/17/10 with
 Yes, it can be taken long term.
 for kjfras (Kerry) 

Blank Out
on 4/11/11 11:37 pm
 Very safe for long term use.  My daughter has been using it daily for several years at the okay of her GI doc and pediatrician.
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on 4/8/11 7:58 pm
so diet play a large role in elimination.  it is more about your consumption than the DS (if you didn't have the DS and you ate low carb you would still increase your constipation issues).  for immediate relief take miralax 1-2 times a day and for long term,  since calcium is very binding, make sure you are consuming 1:2 ratio (mg:ca)
(deactivated member)
on 4/8/11 9:43 pm - Woodbridge, VA
I've had this problem in the past, but I've been back to very low carb for the past couple of week and haven't had this happen this time around. Here's what I think is helping:

- Make sure some of the carbs you do get are FIBER.
- Eat LOTS of fat. I not only don't limit my fat, but I actually add a tablespoon of healthy oils to my protein drinks (so a good 12-14g of fat added per shake, minimum 1 a day, sometimes 2). I add extra cheese to, well, anything with cheese. I cook in oil, including adding oil to marinades. My fat grams daily are about as high as my protein grams, sometimes higher (like yesterday was 200g of fat).
- Drink LOTS of water. I'm a bit addicted to diet soda, but I set a rule for myself that I have to drink 2 liters of water before I drink anything else for the day. During the week when I'm at work, I usually polish off those 2 liters by about lunch time, and then I have Crystal Light and diet soda in the afternoon/evenings.

I just saw the lowest number EVER on my scale this morning, so something's working right about all this!
on 4/9/11 2:50 am - AL
Of course.

What I do to fight constipation:

One mag oxide (400mgs) with EVERY calcium dose (so that is 6 times a day)
Popcorn with added butter 5 nights a week
A gallon or more of water a day.

VitaLady also has an "un"constipation plan that someone may link you to.

Good for you for getting back on track.


on 4/11/11 12:01 pm
 Hey there! You and me both!

Been doing this for 3 months and only just got relief and figured out the poop thing this week.

Benefiber in AM coffee
Miralax in AM coffee
Benefiber in PM tea

Daily. Took a couple days but stuck with is and now I can almost time my BM (1xdaily) as long as I am consistent with my miralax dose!

completely safe for long term. 

I tried the high sugar thing and popcorn overload. Doesn't do anything but gas me up. And since I am trying to LOSE weight I don't want to do anything sabotage that. 

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