A rare WOW...4= years out

on 4/19/11 2:03 am - Upstate, SC
After 4 years plus, the wows come rarely. You just eventually get used to your "new normal" and go on with (a healthier) life.

So, I had a strange "wow" I thought I'd share...

I have visible hip bones!

No, I haven't lost that much...normally my panni gives me a lovely low spare tire. I wear 14's, sometimes 12's, but am an apple shape, so I constantly fight the muffin-top, plus panni below. Gotta love long compression camisoles...

Anywhoo, to the "wow" already...
I'm still recovering from back surgery and spinal cord damage. Surgery has taken me as far as I think it will and am now fighting the pain with chiropractic care and physical/massage therapy. After much thought, I decided to try an inversion table to take the stress off my spine...

WOW! When upside-down...my panni flattens out and disappears! And I actually have a flat abdomen! OMG!!

If only I could be a bat, and spend more time inverted!


(Oh yeah, inversion really seems to be helping my back as well)

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Thank God for the DS! It saved my life, literally & figuratively! 

on 4/19/11 2:04 am
 ROTFLMAO I'm afraid if I did that I'd have an inverse panni covering my chin!! 

Congrats on your wow. It's a great one!!!
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on 4/19/11 10:58 am
Revision on 06/21/13
So glad the inversion helps the back. Does make me giggle thinking  of your description.

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on 4/19/11 11:24 am - Topeka, KS
Hehe, I hadn't thought of that possibility yet.  Thanks for the update.
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