BetterLife ADEK Vitamins

on 7/3/11 3:21 am - CA
 Hey, i am trying to find ADEK vitamins because i can't stand the bariatric advantage anymore .. i stumbled upon a brand called "BetterLife Bariatrics" Does anybody take these or know someone who does? Id like to know if they are good or not.. Thnx n advance

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on 7/3/11 3:23 am - CA
The website is ..

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(deactivated member)
on 7/3/11 3:25 am - Saint Louis, MO
I certainly don't.. they don't come anywhere close to having enough A, D, E, or K for my needs.  I get those from vitalady in the dosages we need.
on 7/3/11 4:25 am - AL

You have to have DRY ADE and K and you need the huge doses that VitaLady has available.

You also need them separate from each other so that you can individually adjust the doses based on your labs.

VitaLady's vitamin schedule: 2010.pdf

That is what we recommend you start on and then adjust as you get your labs.


Elizabeth N.
on 7/3/11 6:26 am - Burlington County, NJ
When's the last time you had your vitamin levels checked on those things? They are so utterly inadequate for DSers that I have trouble imagining that you're anywhere near appropriate levels on them. I wouldn't waste the money on that stuff.

on 9/23/14 2:23 am

Nope, haven’t heard. I get my adek supplement from vita4life. Have been taking them for three years and they have proven to be adequate.