I want to share these amazing water bottles...

Anna G.
on 7/4/11 10:12 am
Kahlana's thread made me realize I've never mentioned them here, and we all need a few of these! How many of you have heard of Flylady? She changed my life several years ago with her free home maintence program. I've never been very organized, and hate housework with a passion. Her program has made my life so much easier and my home actually fit for human habitation.

Anyway, in her web shop, she sells a stainless water bottle that is made of magic. I'll just paste what I posted to Kahlana:

It keeps water cold ALL DAY if you need it to. Of course, we drink ours much faster than that. But you can leave one of these things in a hot car in the July Alabama sun for HOURS, and there will still be ice in the bottle when you come back. My only complaint about them is that they are too small. 16 oz. won't last me long at all. But I love them because they have no condensation outside whatsoever! And I can fill and refill them all day. If I'm going out shopping, I will fill two of them and leave them in the car, and fill another to keep in my bag. That way I have cold water with me everywhere. I promise you will not regret ordering them. And no, I'm not affiliated with Marla, and don't get a cut.

Julie R.
on 7/4/11 11:12 am - Ludington, MI
 I might have to try these.  I SUCK at drinking water, because it has to be ice cold, and I therefore will take a couple of swigs out of a bottle of cold water then leave it untouched.   I have been drinking more now that I'm off for the summer, because I have a crushed ice feature on my new fridge and that makes my water much more palatable.
Julie R - Ludington, Michigan
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(deactivated member)
on 7/4/11 12:14 pm
I've tried many different bottles.  My only problem is keeping them clean!

I will give a review when I receive the 12 oz bottle.  Just ordered it!  I'm not as worried about  keeping it cold, but I need to be able to throughly clean the bottle.  It seems clear-type plastic bottles will easily grow algae if I accidently leave water in overnight at work (fluor. lights -  hate em!). I like the idea 2 mouth opening as well.

Anna G.
on 7/4/11 1:35 pm
I just toss mine in the dishwasher, no prob! I always put the lid in the top basket, and the bottle in the bottom rack.

on 7/4/11 1:49 pm
I saw your earlier post so I've already placed an order for 2 of the 16 ounce bottles. I'm always leaving differen****er bottles behind so I figured getting 2 is a probably a good idea. Thanks for posting because I need all the help I can get with staying hydrated.

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