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on 7/6/11 1:04 am - Shore Area, NJ
I am looking into having a DS revision with Dr Roslin in New York, I met with him last Wednesday, I now have to have some testing done, however he has said I am a good canidate for the revision.

My question to you is do you know the length of your cc? 
He said the minimum he will do is 125-150? I've read on DS facts and other people on the board that 80-100 is normal for a DS?

I want to be sure that I am doing the best thing having the revision and will get the most benefit from it, and as I have already regained after the RNY, I do not want the same thing to happen with the DS, because my cc is to long.

Hope this makes sense, any input is greatly appreciated.

on 7/6/11 1:10 am - GA
I had my DS done last week and my Dr. gave me a 60cc pouch and 100 long common channel.
on 7/6/11 1:54 am - AL
Hi fellow Smither!!

If you got a DS you don't have a pouch!!!  That is something to CELEBRATE!!!!  You have a fully functioning small stomach complete with your very own pyloric valve!!!  Woo Hoo!!

Make sure you know about ALL the vites and supplements you need: 2010.pdf

Bariatric Advantage multis with extra ADEK are NOT ENOUGH!!!!!!!!!!!  (Is he still recommending them?)


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on 7/6/11 1:33 am, edited 7/6/11 1:34 am
My common channel length is a little longer than normal at 125 cm because I was a lightweight. I was at a BMI of just under 40 when I went for my surgery consult.

I was looking at your profile and saw your present BMI was a little under 38. I think that is the reason your surgeon wants the longer common channel length.

Hope that helps.

NoMore B.
on 7/6/11 1:50 am
Dr Roslin is my surgeon, and he strongly believes in the 125cm common channel.  There are certain surgeons that fall into the shorter common channel / slightly larger stomach camp, and others like Dr Roslin that fall into the slightly longer common channel / smaller stomach camp. 

I worried about this, too, but at the end of the day I didnt think the 25cm mattered much, considering the normal intestinal length is 600-700cm. I've seen people with smaller common channels not make goal, and others with longer (there are some Dr Anthone patients here with a 200cm common channel) drop below their goal.

The size of the stomach, and other limb lengths come into play as well, and also of course what you eat and your activity level.

Sorry I dont have better advice.  For what it's worth, my common channel is 125cm.  I lost about 150 pounds.  Granted I'm only 20 months out, but I'm actually still losing weight very slowly.
on 7/6/11 1:51 am - AL
Mine is 100.  I'm glad as I think it is perfect.  haha.


April Greer
on 7/6/11 2:01 am - Springfield, MO
I'm an RNY revision.  My cc is 100 with a tummy of 3oz. 
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on 7/6/11 2:53 am
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on 7/6/11 12:46 pm
 And Tara and I have similar pre-op physical stats (H-W, if I recall correctly), had surgery about 2 weeks apart....but, I have a generous 100 cm common channel and a original 5-6 oz stomach--and we weigh the same--145.  With the exception of some iron issues (there before the DS), I also have no vitamin issues and no problem maintaining my weight on a very, very liberal and varied diet.

on 7/7/11 1:05 pm - Omaha, NE
 I'm also a Dr. Anthone pt and have a 200 cm common channel, my stomach is 2 oz.. Granted I am only 5 weeks out, but I have not had any bowel issues, and I've lost about 35 lbs.
He told me he does the longer length so people don't lose too fast, and to prevent a lot of the bowel issues and food intolerances. 

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