Costco's Cilantro Lime Shrimp and "Crab"

on 7/7/11 4:06 am
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Hey everyone,

I am having my surgery this coming Monday, but I have been eating like a post DS'er for about 6 weeks now in order to prepare myself for the lifestyle (and to lose the 20 pounds I need to lose prior to surgery).  

ANYWAY.....for those of you lucky enough to have a Costo near you, they have this delicious cilantro lime shrimp, made at the store, ready to eat.  I also had a taste for the imitation crab (Crab Delights or whatever it's called), so I bought that as well.  Anyway, I  broke apart the "crab" into smaller pieces and tossed it with the shrimp and the flavorful, slightly-oily dressing that it comes with, and it was SO DELICIOUS!  I've had it for lunch for the past 2 days and it is really filling and satisfying.  So, if you're looking for another suggestion for a protein meal, I highly recommend it!

on 7/7/11 4:28 am - Shore Area, NJ
sounds yummy...I love Costco..although my husband calls it the $200.00 store, because it seems like no matter what we go in there for ..even if it is just milk and eggs...we come out spending $200.00 or more, haha

I will have to look for the shrimp next time I go, which section are they in?
on 7/7/11 4:36 am
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 Yes, it's so easy to drop a couple of hundred dollars there, especially if you are buying meat, which we always are.  You can find the shrimp in the prepared food section near the meat area.  In that section they have trays of shrimp, sandwiches, huge salads, pizzas, etc.  They also have hearty chicken noodle soup, tortellini salads (really good but really BAD for us at the same  

Good luck!

Elizabeth N.
on 7/7/11 5:02 am - Burlington County, NJ
Costco is my happy place :-).

on 7/7/11 5:38 am
Hi Sandy...yep, Costco is a great place to find DS friendly foods...mass quantities of meats and cheeses!  I wanted to caution you about the imitation crab....   a lot of them have sugar alcohols in the ingredient lists....  look for long names ending in 'itols'.  Some DS'ers are Very sensitive to these, and it gives you a rumbly tummy, followed by gas explosions, etc etc....   Post surgery, watch out for the sugar free gummy bears, etc....  mannitol/sorbitol/etc are not my friend!!!!
  There were a bunch of cheese recipes for a Mexican frying cheese from Costco....  people were slicing it thin, adding cinnamon, etc....doing a mock french toast, etc....  I like the prepared shrimp, myself!   Good luck with the surgery....  and check out the recipes people post....  some of them are excellent!!!   (Brok's pizza, Tom's cheese crackers, etc)      Mary

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on 7/7/11 8:09 am
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 Thanks for the heads' up Mary!  Much appreciated!

on 7/7/11 10:30 am - OKC, OK
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Sure wish we had a Costco here. . I go every time we visit family in California.
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