Finally made it to ONEderland!!!!

on 7/14/11 1:38 am - Atlanta, GA
Today I am 10 months post-op and I finally made it to ONEderland. I now weigh 199.4. I'll take it no matter how it comes. I dont think I would have made it without the advice of this board. You guys are truly a life saver. My total weight loss so far is 119 lbs.
April Greer
on 7/14/11 1:42 am - Springfield, MO
That is just wonderful.  Happy dance!
on 7/14/11 2:14 am - AZ
 Wooo!!! Hooo!!! Lets's all Dance Happy!!!
Join us here ~~❁~Ginger~~~
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on 7/14/11 2:18 am - TX
on 7/14/11 2:54 am - Salt Lake City, UT
That is so awesome, congrats and welcome to ONEderland!!
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Loving my DS!!

on 7/14/11 5:59 am
Wow.  congratulations.

on 7/14/11 6:34 am
Great job! I know how awesome it feels because I got to wonderland recently.
Now update your signature line & own that weight loss, girly!
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on 7/14/11 10:48 am
Congratulations!!!!!  Good for you.  Seeing that 2 turn into a 1 is such a great thing!
on 7/14/11 11:33 am - Somerset, KY
WOW!! How awesome it would be to join you soon! I hope to be there by my 1 year mark! We shall see! You have done so awesome!! Congrats!!!!!!!!!!! So happy for you!



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on 7/14/11 12:23 pm - CT
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FANTASTIC!!!!!  YIPEE!!!  How very exciting!  I am 4 months out and am starting to think Onederland isn't just a fictional place for me.  

I concur with your statements -- the advice of this board is immeasurable.  How can you have this surgery and NOT have these veterans coaching you every step of the way?  I wouldn't have made it this far without this board.  Thanks to all of you who have paid it forward and continue to pay it forward.  It can't be easy to get online each night -- especially when there is some repetition to newbie posts.
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