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on 7/21/11 3:03 am
Revision on 07/11/11 with
Hey everyone!

Goodbye pouch!!!!!!!

I had my RNY to DS revision performed on July 11 with Dr. Roslin in NYC without complications.  I had the RNY done open in 2000, and Dr. Roslin performed the revision laparoscopically, which surprised me.  The surgery took 5 hours.  I was in the hospital for 4 days.  On the morning after the surgery, Dr. Roslin came in and went total drill sgt. on me.  He stood there and made me blow in the spirometer (?) again and again until I got to 1500 mL inspired volume.  It took a long time.  I kept working on it throughout the day, but it was hard.  I also walked a lap around the hospital floor any chance I got.  He is really on you to make sure you don't develop pneumonia or atelectasis.  Being in the hospital totally sucks, but my experience was very positive with Dr. Roslin, Lenox Hill Hospital and his staff.  I would highly recommend him.  He is truly a confident, brilliant surgeon.  His only "negative" in my opinion is his lack of bedside manner, but really, I think I can get over this!

Anyway, I'm so glad to be officially switched.  I'm going through now what most of you had gone through--mourning food.  I'm not having any trouble getting my liquids in and I'm getting about 50 grams of protein in so far.  I have found out very early that I think I have become intolerant of milk.  I had horrible gas pains and a bout of diarrhea.  I have been using almond milk without problems since.  I feel pretty good actually other than the missing food part.  I thank God for giving me a problem-free recovery thus far.  Hope to be posting great weight loss results in the upcoming months!


on 7/21/11 3:05 am
Conrats, Sandy!  I'd been wondering about you.  So glad you were able to get the DS done!
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on 7/21/11 4:21 am - OKC, OK
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Welcome home! Glad all went well.
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Jody W.
on 7/21/11 5:20 am - Windsor, CT
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Great to hear you are on the road to healing....:)

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on 7/21/11 7:29 am - CA
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I'm glad you have had a very good experience. Maybe the milk intolerance will go away after a while.
on 7/21/11 7:35 am - Palmer, AK
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Glad all went well for you, Sandy!!!!!!

Keep us all updated!!!!!


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on 7/21/11 9:15 am - Adrian, MN
Congrats on an awsome recovery!
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Ramie A.
on 7/21/11 9:57 am - Bronx, New York, NY
Hi Sandy, I am pre-op scheduled for revision from band to RNY but am thinking of changing that to DS because of metabolic issues.  Anyway, are you mourning food because you're on a liquid diet during recovery?   Or are you mourning food that you can never eat again because of the surgery you chose?

I'm a veteran on the RNY boards but a newbie on the DS boards, so please forgive my ignorance, but what I've been reading is that people with RNY can't eat a lot of foods (eg fiberous, dense protein, etc) but after DS recovery these foods are more easily tolerated.  Do I have it wrong?

Or, do I not know your whole story and you had terrible trouble with your RNY (which is why you switched to DS)? 

Thanks for any insight you can give me.
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on 7/22/11 2:54 am
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I am mourning food just because of the liquid diet I am on right now.  I'd love some pot roast or something!  I know that I will eat again-that part doesn't bother me!

I never lost all the weight I needed to with the RNY and my anastamosis dilated to 3 cm over the years.  I gained almost all my weight back.  I was never full for very often and always hungry.  I would have reactive hypoglycemia from the sugar spikes with my pouch emptying so fast.  I realized I needed to do something drastic.  I really never had any food intolerances other than mild sugar intolerance.  

PLEASE, research your options well.  With my experience and all that I have heard from others' experiences, the RNY pouch is really an inferior surgery (IN MY OPINION).  Depending on how much you you have to lose, I really believe the sleeve and the DS are far superior in that they will preserve your pylorus.  Good luck with your decision Ramie!!

on 7/21/11 11:31 am - AZ
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