6 month update...late

on 7/28/11 12:24 pm - Indianapolis, IN
 Well things have been pretty easy so far. I tolerate most things, a few though can cause discomfort. Everything has flown by so fast Since my surgery on Jan. 4th. I have lost 107 lbs since then and 23 before the procedure. I look like a new person and it is hard to adjust. Wearing a size 14 in jeans, M dresses and alas my boobies!!! Have gone from 44F to a 36 DDD. I know what you are thinking and my hubby likes em just fine!

 Finally got the ol' 6 month labs, they sent me some foo-foo checklist saying all was well with a smiley face! So I called em' and had the actual results faxed my way. They can be found in my images on my profile ( http://www.obesityhelp.com/member/deleriummercy/ ). Well so far all is super, been busy with work and family. 

Live long and prosper

on 7/28/11 12:47 pm - Triad, NC
Congrats!!!  Sounds like you've had great success so far.  Keep up the awesome job! :)

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Sher Bear Mama
on 7/28/11 12:51 pm
Congratulations! Post pictures!
Sher--the bear mama

on 7/28/11 1:05 pm - Indianapolis, IN
 I have pics on my profile and facebook, but I do not know how to post them in this message...

on 7/28/11 10:10 pm - OKC, OK
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on 7/28/11 11:08 pm
Hooray for you!!!

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on 7/29/11 12:05 pm - Indianapolis, IN
 Thanks everyone I appreciate your kind words and well wishes!!!

on 7/29/11 12:29 pm - Newark, DE
Congrats to you! Keep working that DS
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