Who manufactures BE unflavored protein?

Elizabeth N.
on 8/10/11 4:52 am - Burlington County, NJ
Can anybody provide this information please? Thanks.

on 8/10/11 6:37 am
[email protected]

"Our BE powder, is a small volume as it blends in 4 to 6 ounces of water, high protein at 30 grams per scoop, thin texture even though it is 30g protein in 4 ounces of water plus ice, no lumps, no aftertaste because of the quality of the whey ISOLATE, and it makes a killer latte when you blend a scoop with a tablespoon of the sf Coffeemate and fill the mug with coffee.  It has good taste and great stats."

on 8/10/11 6:38 am
 She swears it's her own.
Elizabeth N.
on 8/10/11 6:43 am - Burlington County, NJ
I want the name of the manufacturer. BE is not a supplement manufacturer and I'll eat my hat if it's a genuinely proprietary blend. Even if it is, that manufacturer will have a super similar product and I want it.

on 8/10/11 6:45 am
 Agreed entirely.  

I suspected it was All The Whey -- but they've gone under.


She's in Pompano -- and always out of stock.  I assume it's NOT local.  It's midwestern.
Elizabeth N.
on 8/11/11 3:14 am - Burlington County, NJ

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