Anyone with truly unfortunate thighs looking for a swimsuit?

Anna G.
on 8/14/11 5:44 am
I probably will never put myself through plastic surgery, but if I did, it would be to address my inner thighs. I had lost and gained weight so many times pre-op that they were already a mess, but now they are simply not presentable AT ALL.

I love the beach, and water exercise so just not wearing a swimsuit in public is not an option. So I always wear swim dresses, or tankinis with skirts. But the damn things are NEVER long enough to actually cover the full horror of my inner thighs. EVER. So I always feel self-conscious. 

I've looked at some of the truly "modest" swimsuits designed for devout Christians and Muslims who need to cover themselves for religious reasons. But those things are just FUGLY.

We'll be going to the beach soon, so I've been searching again. And just LOOK what I found on eBay! SWIM-DRESS-L-/380361430628?pt=US_CSA_WC_Dresses&ha****em588 f4ed664

In case the link doesn't work, just go to eBay and search for the word "Shorebreak". These swim dresses go all the way to the knee!

It's just a dress, so I'll need to wear some bikini bottoms underneath, but how perfect is this??! I was so excited I had to share just in case some of you shared my little problem.

Jolly Rancher
on 8/14/11 5:50 am
I really like this!!!! My legs are horrible, all the way down to the knee. You know what I've done? Bought actual men's trunks and paired them with a cute tankini top that disguises my gut and holds up my boobs. I'm SO much more comfortable in those than I would be anything else!!! I've also seen board shorts, but they are just too expensive for how much I'd use them, plus I'd still have to wear a bikini bottom of some sort under them. Boy's trunks kill two birds with one stone and allow me to be comfortable at the same time.

Have fun at the beach!

Anna G.
on 8/14/11 6:15 am
That's a great idea about the trunks!! I never thought of doing that. That would be perfect for canoeing.

"Just Elizabeth "
on 8/14/11 6:05 am - Houston, TX
OH YES!!! That is so cute!!! I hate my thighs. Actually more than my upper arms so this would be perfect.

Back in the U.S.A.

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Anna G.
on 8/14/11 6:18 am
I just knew there would be folks here who appreciated these as much as I did!

Amy Farrah Fowler
on 8/14/11 6:08 am
I switched to wearing board shorts, like surfers wear. I was taking wake board lessons, and hitting the water at a high speed can peel a regular swim suit right off of you, so I needed more coverage, that could be cinched on with drawstrings and Velcro.

I felt weird wearing them at first, since they are something my teenage nephews wear, but noticed the last time I shopped for suits, that they were selling all the components for women's suits, EVEN BOARD SHORTS, for women. You could get a bikini or tank style top, and bikini, high rise, several kinds or skirts, short short, or long short ( like board shorts) for the bottoms. And any of them could mix and match.

Here's a pair at Eddie Bauer on CLEARANCE that I was looking at.

Anna G.
on 8/14/11 6:17 am
I tried on a few pairs of those this weekend! The ones I found were in the women's section but they must not have changed the pattern much at all from the boys' version, because they didn't even begin to follow my curves.

on 8/14/11 6:36 am
That is cute enough to wear out to dinner!

I'm like Janice. I wear a bikini with board shorts. (I got new everything this year from Old Navy for dirt cheap during a sale.) That's what I'd always done before I got fat because I like to romp in the waves without having to keep tugging everything or worrying that I'm flashing children. Then, when I'm laying flat, I could slip off the shorts and get a proper tan. (And I did actually surf for awhile which is how I discovered board shorts.)

But, I've also always liked how I look in a wet suit. They have some short ones with slightly longer legs that I think would look awsome with a camisole type bathing suit top (as seen at LandsEnd among other places) and would probably do the trick for your thighs as well as hold in the butt and stomach.

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* Gail R *
on 8/14/11 8:12 am - SF Bay Area, CA
Too bad these are only available in 4 or 14. But I will keep looking. Thanks

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