A very special DS is occurring Wednesday

Julie R.
on 8/21/11 11:34 pm - Ludington, MI
 My friend Sherry (www.obesityhelp.com/member/shersjourney is having her DS on Wednesday, performed by the amazing Dr. Kemmeter, and I have the distinct honor of being her angel.    

I'm not sure how many of you are aware of the obstacles this lovely lady has had to overcome to have this surgery, but her quest began over four years ago, and has included relocating her family to another county in Michigan so that her insurance would cover the DS, correcting  huge medical issues in order for her to be to the point, health-wise, that Dr. Kemmeter could operate, and overcoming family loss of breathtakingly tragic proportions.   This is a woman who knows what she wants, is intelligent, proactive and educated about the DS, and now her time has come.

Please join me in wishing Sherry the best possible outcome  - Lord knows, she deserves the best in her life right now.    I'm so proud of her for slogging through to get to this point.     You're almost to the Dark Side now, girl!
Julie R - Ludington, Michigan
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Elizabeth N.
on 8/21/11 11:51 pm - Burlington County, NJ
Yay Sherry at LONG LAST!!! Yup, I recall some of the details of her story.

on 8/21/11 11:55 pm
I'm moving down the bench! yay for Sherry!!!!!!!

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Kayla B.
on 8/21/11 11:59 pm - Austin, TX
Nothing but happy thoughts for Sherry.  Many congratulations!
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on 8/21/11 11:59 pm - Davidson, NC
 Keeping her in my thoughts and prayers.  She appears to be a strong woman and intelligent woman.  You go girl!    ~GG


(deactivated member)
on 8/22/11 12:00 am
Wishing you all the best, Sherry!
(deactivated member)
on 8/22/11 12:04 am - Beverly, NJ
She's got an awesome Angel by her side We've all got a spot waiting for her on the bench!!!
on 8/22/11 12:08 am - GA
She is lucky to have you as her angel. Good Luck Sherry!!!
on 8/22/11 12:14 am - New Orleans, LA

Keeping the bench warm for you, Sherry.  I'll scooch down to make a spot for you.  I wish you a quick and boring recovery. 

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on 8/22/11 12:18 am - Green Bay, WI
Sending well wishes and prayers her way for the best possible outcome during and after her surgery! Sounds like she certainly deserves this after her battle to get the surgery! Get ready to rock that DS, Sherry!