Reporting for Angel duty! Lwoznick is being switched.

Julie R.
on 9/12/11 1:39 am - Ludington, MI
My friend, Lisa (Lwoznick), after suffering greatly from a mechanical failure of her RNY, is being revised by the highly-esteemed Dr. Buchwald tomorrow.    She is joyfullying preparing her bowels today (fun!!) and will be heading out to Minneapolis late tonight for an early surgery tomorrow.    Please keep this wonderful, intelligent young lady in your thoughts tonight and tomorrow as she makes the trek to the Twin Cities and begins her DS journey.   Dr. Buchwald has advised her that she will probably be in surgery for approximately seven hours, so as soon as I hear something from one of her family members, I will let you all know.

Almost to the Dark Side, Lisa!!   Godspeed!
Julie R - Ludington, Michigan
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on 9/12/11 2:10 am - Middleville, MI
yay Lisa! thoughts and prayers are with you during this exciting time! thanks for the update Julie!!
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on 9/12/11 2:20 am
Swinging my baby dog... good luck Lisa!!

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on 9/12/11 2:24 am
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Sending my Good Luck and Prayers her way. 

on 9/12/11 3:10 am
Good luck, Lisa! You are in great hands with Dr. Buchwald and Julie!


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on 9/12/11 3:35 am - Jackson, MI
Here's some room on the loser's bench for Lisa...and wishes for a safe, healthy, and uneventful recovery!     ....and Julie, yes you are an Angel!!!  

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on 9/12/11 4:19 am - MO
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How exciting! Best wishes Lisa. Be strong and welcome to the new bench!
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on 9/12/11 5:31 am - MN
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Soo excited to hear how hers goes I just saw Dr.Leslie out at the u today to start my journey. Will be soo great to see how someone else does with their program. Best of luck to Lisa
on 9/12/11 6:33 am - Green Bay, WI
Thanks for all of your support, everyone! I certainly appreciate it! Julie, you are an angel in the truest sense of the word! Thank you for all that you do!


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Julie from Ludington, MI is my Angel!

on 9/12/11 6:58 am - MN
Good luck Lisa!! Sending you wishes for an uneventful surgery and a speedy recovery!!
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