How Do You All Do With Salads?

on 9/13/11 5:14 am
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I just had my first salad today since revision and so far, so good.  I really needed a change and wanted to try something different.  I had a FABULOUS salad from a place locally called Cafe 56.  They have an awesome buffalo chicken salad with crumbled blue cheese, cukes and crispy buffalo strips cut on the smaller side.  I added blue cheese dressing and it sat well.  Of course, I maybe at 1/3 of it, but it was so GOOD.  I don't hear too much about salads here so I wanted to get everyone's opinion.  I may be paying for it later on with all of that lettuce!!!  

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on 9/13/11 5:24 am - Saint Louis, MO
I refer to it as becoming a salad shooter (and I totally stole that from someone on here, but I forget who it was).  Goes in the same way it came out.  Pretty gross.  I usually don't eat much lettuce because it grosses me out later.
on 9/13/11 5:28 am
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I kind of figured that might be the case!!!
Fo' Shizzle My Sizzle
on 9/13/11 5:26 am
A good salad is the classic french pear/endive/blue cheese salad with a mustard vinegarette.

I also had a goat cheese + cranberry salad with arugala salad that was very nice.

Another fave is orange fennel salad with avocado and citrus vinegarette.
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on 9/13/11 5:45 am - Nashville, TN
I love and crave salads!   So I just have to be sure and protein load them.  Everyone is different, but my system tolerates salads very well - no problems here.
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on 9/13/11 6:01 am
I dont have any issues with salads either.. I stick with leafy greens and add nuts and cheeses and bacon or what ever I have around that is high in protein.. I LOVE ME SOME SALADS!! :)
Shavonne P.
on 9/13/11 6:27 am
I have been craving salad something serious, but I hear about the effects the lettuce has on ds'ers so I have been scared to try. 
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Fo' Shizzle My Sizzle
on 9/13/11 6:39 am
Oh, it's a YMMV thing. I was worried too, the veggies do move a little faster through the pipes, but whether or not it will casuse discomfort is sort of an unknown unless you try. Maybe on a weekend try a little salad, make sure you don't need to run any errands after that just in case you don't react well. That way you're not out and about if you have the urge to make a pit stop.
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Shavonne P.
on 9/13/11 6:45 am

Good idea.  Thanks!

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on 9/13/11 7:02 am
Oddly, I'm three months out, and I'm doing well with salad, tomato and cukes.  I load it full of nice greasy Farm Boy Garlic Ceaser dressing.  It doesn't come out, as it goes in.  No end run problems here.

Oddly, I've found that in the last 2 or 3 weeks, (since my first try with it)... it helps me slow down my eating.  I don't eat much, but I've spent most of my life being a fast eater - bar/resto biz, then eating on the run etc as an r/e agent.   The salad keeps me sticking a fork into my mouth, but the lettuce isn't dense, so I don't get that feeling like there's someone running over my ribs with a Mac Truck.  It really slows down my eating patterns/fill up pattern in a big way.   Try salad when you're planning to be close to the bathroom for a day or so.   
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