Update on Lisa (lwoznick)

Julie R.
on 9/13/11 7:41 am - Ludington, MI
 I just got off the phone with Lisa, and she is out of surgery and is in her room.     She was amazingly more coherent than I think I am on a day-to-day basis.   Dr. Buchwald ended up having to perform a long limb RNY on her because her pouch was so extremely high and small, that he would have had to cut into her esophagus, which ultimately could have created another set of problems.   She was originally told in the recovery room that she had had the DS and was deeply disappointed to discover once she got to her room that she'd had the ERNY.  She is currently uncomfortable with her NG tube and groggy, and is worried that she won't do as well with this weight-loss wise.   Dr. B. has reassured her that as a lightweight, she is going to do just fine.   I told her that if it's any consolation, her ****'s going to smell the same as a full DS'er.   She expressed concern that now she wouldn't be accepted within our switch brotherhood/sisterhood.  I told her if anyone tried to pull that, I'd kick the crap out of them.   Let's welcome this wonderful young lady to the Dark Side!
Julie R - Ludington, Michigan
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on 9/13/11 7:57 am - MI
Regardless of the surgery performed, I'm sure everyone is just glad to hear that she is doing well.
Speedy recovery, Lisa!
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on 9/13/11 12:23 pm
On September 13, 2011 at 2:57 PM Pacific Time, elixir wrote:
Regardless of the surgery performed, I'm sure everyone is just glad to hear that she is doing well.
Speedy recovery, Lisa!
I'll ditto that!  So her surgery didn't go as she hoped; she's just as welcome here as she ever was.  We all have something to learn and I hope she'll be an active member of our board.

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on 9/13/11 8:06 am - VA
I have an extra pair of ass-kickin' Army boots if anyone tries to snub her, Julie. They're yours if you need them. Tell her she's more than welcome to visit the lightweight board too.

Welcome to the dark side, Lisa!


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on 9/13/11 8:07 am - Louisville, KY
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Of course she's welcome here! I plan to be here even if I get denied 9 different ways til Sunday for my DS! The DS comes from the heart and you just feel it, whether or not you've got it! Yes, I'm crazy but I've had more caffeine than usual today, so that may explain it.

on 9/13/11 8:54 am - CA
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I wish her a smooth and simple recovery.
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on 9/13/11 10:02 am
Tell her that I'm sending recovery vibes and smooth sailing to get outta there. 

Rena H.
on 9/13/11 10:32 am - Spokane, WA
I am pulling for a speedy recovery for her as well! Let her know we are here for her.
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on 9/13/11 10:37 am - MN
Lisa can feel disappointed about not being able to have the DS, but she is a DS'er a heart and a part of the group whether she wants to be or not!! Sending her thoughts of healing and care!
on 9/13/11 10:54 am
Thanks for the update, Julie! Good for you, Lisa! Don't worry about us here and our stupid crap. Just heal, walk, drink, get in your protein. You'll do great!


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