One Year Post-Op and Loving my DS (w/pics)

on 9/14/11 3:26 am - Atlanta, GA
This has truly been an amazing journey.  One year ago today, I was a brave soul lying on the operating table nervous and anxious at the same time.  When I woke up in recovery, I was shouting the same thing others have said on the that day "WTF"..But now I have come full circle.  I take my vitamins daily, keep up with my labs and enjoy eating like everybody else.  I still look at the person in the mirror and wonder who that is and say "WOW you have come a long way Baby!"  I am truly grateful for all the advice I read on this board.  It has been my saving grace.  Even though I don't post often, I read and take heed of the suggestions.  Thanks to all the vets for keeping it real not only for me but for those coming through the ranks.  I share this day with a special friend who is probably just coming out of surgery herself.  To celebrate, I took off work and went to the Cheesecake Factory for lunch just by myself and it felt great.  I declared this day a day for me only.  Even though I have to get back to my regular life around 7:30, it has been fun and exciting to just focus on me and nobody else for a change.  Good luck to all the pre-op patients awaiting your day.  This is a life changing surgery.  Don't be a fool and use it as your tool.  I included some pics of some before and after.  I started this journey at 318 and today I am down 131 lbs weighing in at 187.  Gotta Love that DS!!!
on 9/14/11 3:37 am - Atlanta, GA
My pics didn't show up but you can go to my profile to view.
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on 9/14/11 3:48 am
You look great! You must be tall, you certainly don't look as high as you stated in your preop or current pic.
on 9/14/11 3:56 am
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you look great!! my anniversary is tommorrow and it will be 2 years for me...
on 9/14/11 4:22 am
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 Wow!  You look fantastic and so curvy and pretty too!  Congratulations!  

on 9/14/11 4:23 am - OKC, OK
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What a beautiful transformation! Congratulations and enjoy your day.
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on 9/14/11 4:41 am - CA
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Congratulations! You truly look amazing! How fantastic! Hugs!
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on 9/14/11 5:06 am
Well, look at you, beautiful! Congrats!!!


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on 9/14/11 5:08 am
 Wow, you look amazing!  Congrats on one year!
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on 9/14/11 5:26 am - Telford, PA
You look great!!!!   CONGRATS!
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