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on 10/8/11 10:00 am
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Finally got out of Lenox Hell on 10/5 was in back the ER 10/7 and admitted and transferred to NWH I'm a mess I'm on TPN and 5 different antibiotics please keep me in thoughts,swinging critters and prayers always...........................................Kenya
Toy T.
on 10/8/11 10:08 am
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I am so sorry. I will keep you in my thoughts and prayers. 
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on 10/8/11 10:10 am
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on 10/8/11 10:22 am - Green Bay, WI
So sorry to hear you're not doing well, Kenya! I'll definitely keep you in my prayers and am sending well wishes your way! Here's hoping you're out soon!

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Julie from Ludington, MI is my Angel!

Jennifer D.
on 10/8/11 10:34 am
Hoping that you are stabilized and released asap. Keeping you in my prayers.
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on 10/8/11 10:42 am - San Jose, CA

If you're feeling up to it - can you tell us which surgery you ended up with?  What complications are you having?  You were in the hospital 8 days, so you were having problems right away?

I'm sorry you are having these problems, and hope they are on their way to resolution.

NoMore B.
on 10/8/11 10:49 am
I hope I got this right and Kenya doesnt mind me speaking on her behalf (not sure if she'll come back and post).

Kenya lives in the same town as me, along with Shavonne so we've been following her and trying to cheer her along.

She got the full DS revision, and then ran into some issues (cardiac I think).  After coming home she went to a local hospital up here (we're about 3 hours away from NYC), and they wanted to admit her there but Roslin had her transferred via ambulance back to one of the hospitals he practices at.  Shavonee told me she has an abcess and a "contained leak?"

I'm sure Kenya will answer when she can, just thought I'd jump in.
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on 10/8/11 10:55 am - San Jose, CA

Thanks Joanne - I remember she was talking about the LoopDS a few days before her surgery.  And I was wondering if it was directly related to her DS surgery or perhaps something like C. diff.  Sounds like it is the surgery itself.

I'm glad to hear she is directly under Roslin's supervision - I don't know the hospital initials she posted.

NoMore B.
on 10/8/11 11:01 am
 Northern Westchester Hospital. I havent talked to Kenya yet, but I take it as a good sign that he transferred here there.  Lenox Hill is tertiary care, NWH is a community hospital.  I would hope that if it were something gravely serious he'd have her at Lenox Hill.
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on 10/8/11 10:58 am - Santa Cruz, CA
You know we are always on your side.  Just pay attention and get well!!

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