How do you increase your fat??

on 11/22/11 1:47 am - Atlanta, GA
 I rely on eating my protein. Even though I'm a year out not sure I get in a lot fat. What helps in this area. Also are potatoes a bad carb? I can tolerate them fried or baked. I don't eat them alot jus wondering. Please help. 
on 11/22/11 2:01 am
Potatoes are ok in moderation. Skip them if you are trying to reduce your carbs.

I add butter to almost everything. I spent so many years avoiding butter entirely that I feel like a kid in a candy shop about it.

I get constipated if I don't have enough fat and have thrown back a shot glass of olive oil to loosen the jam. Within a couple of hours, things are back to normal.

Bacon, of course, is a favorite around here. Cheese, sour cream, full fat salad dressing, chicken skin.

If you are having no issues from not enough fat, I wouldn't worry about fat loading. You just don't need to avoid it.

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on 11/22/11 2:10 am - Saint Louis, MO
Butter or heavy cream whenever possible.  Lots and lots of avocados.  Chicken wings, ribeye steaks, ribs.. it's all good :)
on 11/22/11 2:12 am - Atlanta, GA
 I had avacodos on a chicken sandwich on sunday and it was great. 
on 11/22/11 2:20 am - OKC, OK
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Heavy cream in my coffee and shakes, avacado several times a week, bacon every day, butter on everything.
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Valerie G.
on 11/22/11 2:31 am, edited 11/22/11 2:32 am - Northwest Mountains, GA
I add butter wherever it makes sense, then I always eat full fat dairy items.
I'm also the kind of gal who likes fat with their meat!

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on 11/22/11 5:30 am - Triangle, NC
I have plenty of butter, cream, and cheese!
Salmon is also another healthy, but fatty food.


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on 11/22/11 6:12 am - Woodbridge, VA
Nuts, full fat cheeses, full fat sour cream, full fat mayo, full fat dressings, oils, butter...

I avoid potatoes because I try to keep carbs low. I don't beieve in "good" or "bad" carbs - in my opinion, they are ALL evil (even if delicious)!
Elizabeth N.
on 11/22/11 6:39 am - Burlington County, NJ
Put butter on everything--your veggies, your steak, your chicken, whatever. Cook with olive oil. Don't steam stuff, sautee it.

How much potato you eat depends on how much you want to stall. The more carbs you eat, the slower you lose. Potatoes are a carb just like a grain or a fruit.

on 11/22/11 9:40 am - South Central, PA
There are fats with meats--fish, beef and of course the ever-present bacon!  The other suggestions are great, too.  Butter is my friend, and full-fat everything.  Unless you're constipated, I wouldn't worry about fat intake.  If you're getting your protein from food, you should be OK.

You have a DS.  That means there are no "good" or "bad" foods.  Some foods are more nutritious than others, of course.  For example, sweet potatoes are better than white potatoes; and anything is better than processed junk food (tell that to my poptart on the kitchen counter! ).  If you want more fat, fried potatoes are better than baked.

I'd say decide on whether you want to low-carb it or not.  That will help you decide which and how many carbs to eat.  I'd say the ultra-low-carb folks do 20g-50g or so a day; low carbers do 50g-75g; moderate carbers do 75-150g.  Those are just my guestimate ranges.  I'm below goal, so my carbs range about 150g per day and I'm still losing.  Most of my carbs come from the milk in my protein shakes and from fruit.

If weight is your concern, you can track your food intake on MyFitnessPal.  It's the best tool ever!  There are lots of DSers over there to friend.  I'm over there, too, under the same screen name.

I hope this helps!

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