where did you notice....

on 11/30/11 3:51 am - Defiance, OH
where did you notice the weight coming off first? any perticular placelike stomach,legs, butt, etc. was it gradual or very noticeable. thanks for any replies.
on 11/30/11 4:13 am - Waxahachie, TX
I noticed around my sides, like the love handle areas.

My tummy went from huge, to this weird bagel shape just on the front. Eventually that went away too and I just have saggy skin.

The rest of the body seemed like it was just all-over gradual.
Elizabeth N.
on 11/30/11 4:32 am - Burlington County, NJ
Face, hands and around my middle.

Valerie G.
on 11/30/11 4:33 am - Northwest Mountains, GA

I lost in chunks, and not always symmetrical, either.  It was a very odd time in my life.

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on 11/30/11 4:54 am - AZ
 For me, breasts were definitely first, along with face and hands.  Waist is following close behind.  My lower half (bottom and thighs) where I carry most of my weight, is trailing behind slowly.  
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on 11/30/11 5:33 am
My weight loss went kinda like job seniority-
last hired, first fired - except for my boobs. They pretty much started evaporating immediately.
I have always been pear shaped so it seemed to go from the top down.
It is a really strange trip.
Be sure to take measurements pre-op and to update them monthly so you know about progress even if your weight has stalled.
honeybadger 11
on 11/30/11 5:45 am - FL
So far for me it has been face, HANDS, waist and a little off my outer hips. Im bottom heavy so i agree with modesto...top to bottom:)

Hands has been really crazy for me, i lost a ton of weight as a teenager and my ring size went from a 9 to a 6. After gaining it all back i only went up to a 6.5 so i really wasnt expecting my hands to lose to much...my father in law said my hands are dainty, i laughed and said thats the only dainty thing about me!!! hehe

Anyways, my wedding rings are almost coming off my finger at only 3weeks! I didnt want to get them sized til i was close to my goal weight:( oh well... i guess ill wind some string around them;)

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on 11/30/11 9:11 am
Breasts, and more breasts..butt...

Ya know, I went from like an E to my current B. Whooda thunk I was boobless?

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on 11/30/11 9:46 am
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 Mine started at the top and worked it's way down... kind of the melting affect. 

I do have a question. Is Brian Lane gong to be your surgeon ? Did he move to the Defiance area ?  If he did please share his contact info. Thanks

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on 12/1/11 5:10 am - Defiance, OH
Ginger, no Dr. Lane wont be my surgeon.He was in Bowling Green,then went to Toledo and from there I have no clue.I think someone said he may have went to Maine.
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