on 12/15/11 6:13 am - Defiance, OH
Dr. wont revise my sleeve to ds,but said he would do rny. not sure I want to go that route.I have to do 6months with nut.maybe that will help me get back on track with the sleeve.He told me that the surgery did'nt fail me I failed the surgery.I am so depressed now! I give up.
on 12/15/11 6:16 am - Triad, NC
He told you that, because he doesn't perform DS surgery.  Go to to find a vetted surgeon in your area.

Don't get discouraged.
on 12/15/11 6:19 am - Somerset, KY
I second that! Go find a VETTED DS surgeon. Don't settle. is a good start. Don't give up hope, sweetie!



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on 12/15/11 6:21 am, edited 2/10/12 1:00 am
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Paula R.
on 12/15/11 6:42 am - Portland, OR
Ive got an RNY right now that Im having revised to a I definitely wouldnt go the route your doctor is proposing.  Dont give up.  As the others have suggested, Id consult with a vetted surgeon who actually does the DS.

I know what it feels like to feel like a failure.  I even said as much when I consulted with the surgeon who is going to be doing my revision.  He told me that my original surgery just might not have been a powerful enough tool to do the job I was asking it to do.  I know its hard, but try not to let your situation get you down.
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honeybadger 11
on 12/15/11 6:58 am - FL
Thats a buncha malarkey! He doesnt what to give you the DS but will give you the RNY! Ah, is his thumb up his backside! Just like the other posters said, he obviously doesnt do the DS so find yourself a Dr that does:)

You didnt fail the sleeve. There isnt much data out showing longterm results with the sleeve. You tried and now you realize you need more. So do your research and go forward! Good luck!

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Valerie G.
on 12/15/11 7:33 am - Northwest Mountains, GA
 Funny, I could swear that Dr. Lane used to do DS years ago.  Before you give up, I would come over to Dayton and see Dr's Teel and Maguire.  

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on 12/15/11 9:13 am - Defiance, OH
valerie, dr.lane did my sleeve, but has left the state. need to take his name off my profile but not sure how.
Chad M.
on 12/15/11 7:44 am - Indianapolis, IN
**** this guy. Go talk to someone who can actually revise you. You already have a sleeve, I would personally take a bullet to the head before I would let someone butcher that into an RNY.
on 12/15/11 12:04 pm - AL
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