Happy Birthday to Me....149.2 Lighter

on 1/10/12 12:47 am - Atlanta, GA
Today is my birthday and today one of my male students thought I was 25.  Little does he know he was looking at a 41 year old women 149.2 pounds lighter and living a new life with my DS.  It has been a journey and I am enjoying the ride.

Thanks for all the advice and inspirational messages I read about everyday.

Here's to me
on 1/10/12 12:53 am - VA
Happy birthday!   

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on 1/10/12 12:59 am
Hi Twodelight...

               Happy Birthday...continued success with your WL journey!!!  You are rockin it!!!
on 1/10/12 1:19 am - Lewisville, TX
Happy Birthday!  Enjoy your day...Wishing you much happiness in the days to follow....
on 1/10/12 4:00 am
Happy Birthday! You look great.
on 1/10/12 4:12 am - NY
DS on 09/26/11 with
Happy birthday to you I hope you are having a great day!  Keep rocking your DS!

(deactivated member)
on 1/10/12 9:19 am
DS on 12/15/11 with
Congrats, and happy birthday, 41 years young :-) 
on 1/10/12 11:07 am - AZ
 Way to rock it!!!
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on 1/10/12 11:10 pm
 Enjoy being 25 again!  Congrats on your weight loss success!
on 1/10/12 11:34 pm - Atlanta, GA
Happy Birthday!!  Congrats to you..and you looked young before!  Your also my neighbor..look out Dekalb County DSers have arrived!
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