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on 1/24/12 6:33 am

Hi everyone.  I haven’t been here for a while.  I am looking for friends, and would love it if you would send me a friend request.  I feel like I have lost touch with my friends, which is totally my fault.  No excuse, except for “life happens”.


I don’t know how many of my old friends are still here.  I hope they are doing well, and I hope to make new friends as well, to continue this phase of my weight loss journey.


I got a revision from “The Band” to “The Switch” late last year.  I am very happy with my surgeon, whom I wish to keep anonymous.  It is a surgeon in the US, and he has a very good reputation in the weight loss surgery community.  One of the many reasons I wish to keep him anonymous is that I do not wish to have any mistakes I may make, or things I may say, reflect poorly on him or his staff, which I adore.  I also do not wish to get into any “my surgeon rocks & your surgeon sucks (paraphrasing)” discussions, which I have seen in the past with other people.


My philosophy is that all surgeries can be the right choice for the right person.  If my friends can lose weight with the Band, the Sleeve, the Bypass, or the Switch, then I am supportive and very happy for them.  I think we should also support and help people that are able to lose weight and overcome obesity with no surgery; I wish I were one of them, but I am not.  If you agree that we should support all people that try to lose weight, regardless of method (except anorexia and bulimia), then please send me a friend request.


I had about (roughly) 150 pounds to lose, of which I have lost about 50 so far.  I hope to continue my journey with my existing and new friends here until I hit my goal, as well as afterwards.  Hope this message wasn’t too long.  Thanks for reading it, my friends.


Elizabeth N.
on 1/24/12 10:06 pm - Burlington County, NJ
Hey, I remember you!! *waving madly* 

on 1/24/12 10:09 am - Kings Park, NY
RNY on 03/30/11 with
 Congrats and welcome back... I am rarely on but when I am would love to chat

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on 1/24/12 10:32 am
Hey, Tammy!  Thank you for your nice welcome.  I remember having nice conversations with you.  I hope all has been goin' well for you.
on 1/24/12 11:46 am
Revision on 06/21/13
 Sounds like you been thru a lot.. come join us on the DS cruise fun  ! You will meet people there who are supportive.  see siggy line for more info

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on 1/25/12 6:14 pm - Israel
I'm not a DS but a RnY after a ring SRVG but I pop into this forum a d lurk because of malabsorption issues. I also go on Lightweights and Plastics.
I'll be your friend if you let and we can even be pen-pals if you want.
Mikimi in Israel
on 1/25/12 11:06 pm - Central, FL
 Welcome back!

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on 1/25/12 11:25 pm
Band to DS
on 1/27/12 4:06 pm
A lot of the DS folks aren't on OH anymore. I hope you'll join us at the new place.

Got a lap band in 2008. Tried hard, but didn't lose much weight & developed swallowing problems. Fought my insurance company for almost a year & finally had a band to DS revision on 5/11/12. Have now lost 125 pounds. Yay!

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